Barletta VS. PeaceTreaty : WATUPPP

Alright dirty dancers, we have a bit of battle here. BC’s own Kissed With A Noise has recently released a remix-loaded EP from their new track feat. Young Buck, ‘WATUPPP.’ Of the arsenal of Remixes in the pack, Toronto’s wrecking ball Barletta and LA’s own dirty boys PeaceTreaty stand way out from the rest. I’m leaving it up to you guys to decide which remix reigns victorious on the track. Get em both and let us know! Leave the best comment on why your fav is what it is and you’ll receive 2 comp’d tickets for Major Lazer, Peacetreaty, Them Jeans & ///myself @ Control Fridays in LA on September 10th. LEZZGO!




19 Responses to Barletta VS. PeaceTreaty : WATUPPP

  1. Big Little says:

    first link goes to Peace Treaty's Myspace :(

  2. BONES says:

    ah woops! link fixed!

  3. Brian P says:

    PeaceTreaty just dominates the electro house remix scene, they have never had a flop remix and this track is no different. They have killer style and keep their tracks fresh from start to finish. none of that making a techno loop and repeating which gets stale quick.

  4. Danny says:

    PeaceTreaty's remix has a bigger energy build up than the Barletta remix. I like how PeaceTreaty sampled Young Buck earlier on than Barletta did which is good if there are Young Buck fans in the crowd waiting for the actual lyrics to come around. The crowd will respond a lot more to PeaceTreaty's remix than Barletta's and you can take that to the club and see for yourself. PeaceTreaty's remix goes well with Rob 3's remix of Township Funk as well haha.

  5. michael says:

    never to fail PeaceTreaty put it down they had a nail biting build up and if that wasnt enough the drops are enough to get everyone off there ass and dirty dancing beside who puts it down better than LA!?

  6. jack says:

    both remixes are very solid. barletta's had good use of vocal samples, but the vocal samples in the build-ups were more high-energy than the drops which was a disappointment. peace treaty's had more of the jungle feel that everybody loves to dance to in the summertime and it was way more intense and diverse whereas barletta's was very repetitive. i think peace treaty's would stand up way better in a club

  7. Matt says:

    no offense to Barletta but i don't even have to listen to his mix to tell you PeaceTreaty's will dominate…those dudes are #1 in my heart right now…haven't released a song that isn't absolutely amazing yet…about to download Barletta's and give it a listen but FTR, i would vote PeaceTreaty as #1 the DJ top 100 list

  8. Anonymous says:

    None of the Above.

    Disco Villains Remix

  9. PeaceTreaty says:

    I think Esteban should win for that comment haha

  10. Andy says:

    Umm i agree with anonymous none of the above. The peacetreaty remix is pretty stock. The B.Rich or Disco Villains remix were both way better than either of these.

  11. The N says:

    wow when I saw this I though barletta for sure but when I listened to it the vocal samples were good the building was great but it kindof left me hanging on the drop it wasn't as great as I expected but the peacetreaty remix had better use of vocal samples, bigger buildup & more energetic drop ib remember hearing it in their gdd mix they did for you guys a while back & it stood out then too!

  12. Smitty says:

    The Barletta rmx just repeats a bunch of mediocre lines over and over. It never really dumps that hard and it doesn't make me want to get up and jam out with my clam out. The PeaceTreaty rmx is great but simply to long and drawn out. Disco Villians on the other hand, gets right to it with Buck's rhymes and bring that straight in to some filthy bass that still incorporates clips from the original song. I'd take my pants off to Disco Villians.

  13. Lewis says:

    so It was a hard choice but when my girlfriend got pregnant with a bass baby after listening to the BARLETTA remix.. I had to go with choice B BARLETTA..

    you can send the tickets to my email

    CHEERS !


  14. Namir says:

    Both are good, but Peace Treaty destroyed this one– soooo good. If I heard this out I'd end up a sweaty, ridiculous mess after this track.

  15. AC 712 says:

    Peacetreaty FTW
    josh and sam are doing it big.

  16. stevie.e says:

    oh my god lewis you have my vote. A BASS BABY? A LA VERGA!!

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. Benito Lugo says:

    I played the PeaceTreaty Remix at a show and people went nuts, enough said!!

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