Things that go WOMP in the night…

Title speaks for itself, heres a four pack of tunes to keep ya room boomin and your body movin. All you little dirty dancers, welcome back to school! Grab all of these if ya know whats good for ya.

• Picco – Venga (Chuckie’s Back To Voltage Remix) (link removed)
Who likes the dirty salsa? Drop this one when you want the vibe to go from spicy to desperado. ¡Bailamos!
Incredible bootleg from DJ Spryte, samples teenage wasteland and then shoots you straight to the netherlands. If anyone has any idea what song of Sidney’s this comes from please do tell…I need more
Just released today on T & A Records, our LA local boy and GDD fav Dillon Francis delivers dirty noise with his bass heavy drum lines. One hell of a lazer facial.
It’s clear that our GDD familiar Sticky Rod is getting well acquainted with his new family at Dubsided. Watch the fuck out, this track bounces you on ghetto bass through a nightmarish frequency of midget house. Just wait til lift off after the 2 minute mark.



6 Responses to Things that go WOMP in the night…

  1. joaquin says:

    the Sidney Samson track is:
    Stafford Brothers-Wasted (Baba O'Riley)(Sidney Samson Remix)

  2. BONES says:

    hugeness, thanks brew!

  3. TomT says:

    You're such a salesman, as soon as I read what you write about a song, there's no avoiding the download. Even if at first I'm like "meh" 😀

  4. E.N. SUPERTREND says:

    Stafford Brothers-Wasted (Baba O'Riley)(Sidney Samson Remix)

    Listen and grab it here.

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