The Dirt: August 20, 2010 featuring Major Lazer, Crookers, DCUP, AC Slater and Soulwax

The crew took off for Vegas again but as everyone knows, a true sneevs prefers filth over sin so I decided to hold down The Penthouse for the sole purpose of bringing you The Dirt.  As a matter of fact, today I bring you our eighth installment, which means today marks two months of The Dirt.  And a terrific two months it has been!  We always appreciate your input so be sure to leave us a comment if you have any feedback or would like to suggest bits of dirt for next week.

• .zip file (all 11 tracks)

• Gyptian – Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix)
• Crookers – Cooler Colour feat. Yelle (AC Slater Remix)
• Starkillers – Bitch Ass Trick (Original Vocal Mix)
• Jazzbit – Sing Sing Sing (Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP Remix)
• Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Crowd Is Jumping Remix)
• Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Max Vangeli & AN21 Bootleg)
• Mumbai Science – Ancova (Dry Edit)
• Art vs. Science – Magic Fountain (DCUP Remix)
• Popof – Blow Me Down (Original Mix)
• Paul Chambers – Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Mix)
• DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Flux Pavillion Remix)

The dirt is our weekly wrapup of our favorites for this week, ready to burn to CD and accompany you on your (very imminent) weekend voyages into unseen new dimensions of party. We give you a blend of the big tunes we’re digging and playing out as well as a few secret weapons and classics we’ve dug out of the exclusive GDD stash for you, zipped for your convenience. Our way of saying thanks for being with us this week and our very best to your weekend. The Dirt is available for you to repost to your blog, website or publication and is currently being guestposted on a number of other publications including Email stevie [at] and we’ll add you to the partnered blogs list and set you up with the full, ready to repost package.

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The Dirt: August 12, 2010


sneevs, ///BONES & troy kurtz



12 Responses to The Dirt: August 20, 2010 featuring Major Lazer, Crookers, DCUP, AC Slater and Soulwax

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I f*cked this chick!

    jk jk :) lol

    comments/requests: more dubstep/electro/grime.. less house :)

    you guys should do an exclusive release of Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" … my fav track!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey mate
    the link is down!
    could u re-upload it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I wish I could get the uncensored version of these =p
    Great mix either way

  4. Phil says:

    yeah seriously, show the tittays already.

  5. Daniel says:

    Great mix, as always. I know atleast 3 of my close friends who download these tunes regularly, and I've even recommended the blog to some people I work with, they showed a lot of interest :).

    You run a good show, keep it up!!

  6. dirt mcgirt says:

    you should have come to vegas with us sneevs but good job!

  7. stevie.e says:

    sorry about the .zip being down, we will reup tonight!

  8. Anonymous says:

    did u manage to re-up it?
    the link is still dead.. lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    heyy links still dead….could ya fix it????

  10. Anonymous says:

    broken link

  11. Anonymous says:

    dude links still dead, you gonna fix it?

  12. Anonymous says:

    anyone know who the girl is?

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