If you ever seen MTV’s Jersey Shore, you know the crew gets down to some of the hardest house and literally pounding techno ever created. Last week, they debuted DANCEiSM’s own dynamic duo Robot Love‘s new heavy hitter, as it works perfect into whenever the big dogs battle on the floor or just Ronnie wants to get into a fight. Personally, I would crank this loud when you have to make unwanted girls leave your party. NO Grenades!



29 Responses to ROBOT LOVE on JERSEY SHORE!

  1. jeff says:

    hell yeah, i had to rewind to find out who made this dirty ass beat when i heard it on the show, and actually wasn't surprised to see it was robot love… atta baby nomix/eron

  2. Peter says:

    jersey shore needs to hire GDD as music consultants. j'sayin.

  3. BONES says:

    Were sending them rhinestone-lined king tut tanks as a bribe for that proposal pete

  4. Peter says:

    damn. i want one of those tanks..

  5. CaptainKirk says:

    Does anyone else smell a sellout? How much music do you ever see on MTV? and how much do you hear people make fun of those Jersey Shore tools. Just Sayin…

  6. CaptainKirk says:

    forgot to mention. The song is a single loop all the way through. Give a monkey Logic 9 and he'd have done it in 10 minutes.

  7. BONES says:

    well captain, we can tell your very supportive and have a bright career ahead of you… good luck with negative commentary in your life! it seems to be working great.

  8. CaptainKirk says:

    My negativity stems from YOUR lack of integrity. Don't get it twisted, Boner.
    you can wink all you want man it doesn't change the fact that you sold yourself out to MTV, the biggest sellouts of the century. Say hi to Green Day for me, won't you?

  9. Lorene says:

    i really like this song!

    @captainkirk. don't be a tool! You make nooo sense. Nirvana, Green Day, all the way to Bloody Beetroots, David Guetta, Daft Punk w Kanye. music is music, money is money! MTV or not… don't kid yourself!! btw.. aren't we all monkeys anyway??? 😀

  10. Anonymous says:


    It is highly likely user 'CaptainKirk' is a troll. Comment with caution!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I would have to agree with Captain. Jersey Shore is probably one of the most idiotic shows I have ever seen. I truly love electronic music and they are giving it a bad name with that fist pump bull crap.

    @Lorene: Yes, we are technically monkeys. But most of you are sheep. And you are definitely a sheep if you watch this trashy show.

  12. Anonymous says:

    @Lorene: You don't think all the guys on the Jersey Shore aren't tools? They look like flaming tools to me.

  13. nor killed says:

    @lorene: we are all monkeys, agreed. you are the dumbest monkey on this planet, captains outcry for some god dam integrity was loud clear and grammatically correct, what part doesn't make sense to you?

    @bones: you are an epic DJ and you used to post some of my now favorite songs….but your lying to yourself if you REALLY believe that MTV and Jersey Shore deserve credit, you and I both know that show is a HUUUUGE disservice to house music and the culture in general.

    im so sick of these LA shmuks and they're willingness to sell their souls for a buck. GDD is off my bookmarks page for this one….and its a shame cause i loved you guys…. just wait until those disgusting guido tools outnumber the TRUE house music devotees THEN i'd like to see you retards defend this shit. fucking travesty.

    the song that was posted….i mean it wasn't that bad but it also wasn't that good. i thought GDD had higher standards is all…. im glad that last anon that commented has a fucking brain and a backbone.

  14. CaptainKirk says:

    @anonymous 1
    you call me a troll and you took the time to look for, read, and then reply to a random individual's comment. my troll radar is pinging.

    we are all monkeys, but you moreso than the rest. The Bloody Beetroots and Nirvana are similar in that they made it big on their own merits and live the high life because of it. This song, Bones, and all involved are feeding off the uneserved popularity of Jersey Shore, a group of no talent, vain, narcissistic tools.

    anonymous 2 and 3
    you're some stand up guys. stay frothy gentlemen.

    If you're gonna try and put nirvana and the beetroots on the level of green day and bones, then know the facts. Nirvana did it themselves. Quit sucking on the snooky teat.

  15. pHiLthy says:

    Definitely got a couple laughs from CaptainKirk's comments.

    On the same token, GDD didn't sell out. It is more so a matter of friends helping each other out.

    Robot Love says:

    "Hey Trev our track is gonna be on MTV, do you mind posting it on GDD as well? I mean after all, you guys DO get 10,000+ unique visits a day so it might help us out a bit. Thanks."

    And since you're all momentarily pissed at GDD, head over to

    Consider GDD to be the Blu-ray disc of blogs and TechnoColorKids the VHS little brother. Our songs get deleted after two days and no one likes us.

  16. nor killed says:

    @philthy: i love technocolorkids!!! that blogs fuckin ill man! robot love track, i mean….i know for fact i cannot produce any better, but when my playlists consist of such high caliber tunes theres really no more room for average tracks. shake it up do something new grab my attention, try harder basically. that comment clears this whole debacle up at least a little more, but i still don't understand what the fuck bones was thinking when he said that the cast of Jersey Shore "gets down to the hardest house," talk about monkeys….have you seen those fucking primates dance? i mean gyrate. i mean convulse. i mean…..god i hope they all go away nowwww……

    i really hope GDD didn't sell out, but honestly, post quality has been down all summer and they've dropped down to last in the blog rotation when i go out hunting for new tunes….

  17. CaptainKirk says:

    I'm all about TechnoColorKids. Been stopping off there for a bit now. You're doing a service, in spite of the fact that your songs get deleted. We're in the same boat.
    You guys just swooped the GDD spot on my top sites.

  18. Anonymous says:

    MTV breaks new and unheard music everyday, including being THE home for Nirvana in the past. Peons shouldn't talk about an industry they don't work in, and therefore know nothing about.

    Don't hate on Robot Love for being on Jersey Shore just because 5.3 million people don't know who you are.

  19. jonahberry says:

    haha damnnnn people so much hate!

    @captainkirk – i understand and appreciate your attitude towards MTV believe me i agree with you, although it is pretty amusing sometimes to see how ridiculous the people on jersey shore act.
    as far as you saying that we're falling off and slipping with posting quality, that is your opinion and you are welcome to that. we are good homies with the guys in Robot Love and we like to support our hard working friends and congratulate them when one of their tracks is exposed to millions of people on national television. we also post more often and with a wider target audience than most blogs out there, so of course not every track we put up you are going to love. i'm sorry that you want to take us off of your bookmarks as we appreciate every reader we have, but i wish you great success in blogging and commenting in the future.

    <3 jonahberry

  20. Anonymous says:

    The fact that anyone thinks this post is a reflection of GDD / Bones selling out is ludicrous. They cover a wider spectrum and target a much wider audience than 99% of the electronic music blogs out there. And they actually know what the they are talking about.

    Robot Love certainly didn't sell out as they are a smaller local act that is just trying to get theirs. You can't fault anyone for hustling. What is artistic integrity if you have nothing to show for it? It's called being a loser…like you Captain Kirk.

    Yes Jersey Shore is a really stupid show. Yes a lot of the music on it is terrible. Bones wasn't insinuating that you should watch Jersey Shore to find out about the best new music. He was simply giving credit where it is due. How is that selling out?

  21. Tron Jeremy™ says:

    If anybody thinks that GDD can stop Snookie from fist-pumping to DeadmauFive, then I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  22. dirt mcgirt says:

    i hate jersey shore. i work for gdd. there.

  23. dirt mcgirt says:

    and also if it's of an consolation not everyone that writes for gdd likes everything that gets posted on it. it's the nature of music, it's not objective. i can guarantee you no one here got any money out of that, but if bones did then he better be paying our whole cable bill next month.

  24. BONES says:

    WOW everyone. lets all get excited just because i posted on one of our GOOD friends who personally asked me if we could show a little love to a a track they happened to get on a silly show! I like the intensity people…

    You better believe I'm gonna keep posting the fire tracks I always have, and always throw in love for those of our friends whether peeps like em er not! So dont get your panties up in a bunch about an mp3 available for free download! YAY!


  25. Laura D says:

    ya wow seriously … SUCH passion for a little celebratory post that a friend's talent was recognized by a national television show that OH WAIT… plays electronic music.

    f*cking calm down people… EVEN IF YOU HATE THE SONG… IT'S ONE SONG. chill. you can't win them all every time.. i love GDD from the bottom of my heart but let's be honest there's songs on here that sometimes just aren't my style. but that's good. i'm glad i have a specific taste and i'm also glad that other people's tastes differ.

    read a little more carefully and you'll notice that bones was pretty precise with his words. he said "pounding techno" which is EXACTLY what the (insert degenerative plural noun here) on jersey shore get down to. he didn't say he loves/hates/agrees/whatever with all of the music. and i'm pretty sure robot love made the track on their own accord, not because they wanted MTVs attention OR because MTV made them (that would be "selling out")

    i think it's a little excessive to "drop a blog" from it's "top spot" after one minute disagreement on taste. first off, it's ungrounded, second, who does that? do you drop a friend the minute you two disagree on what television shows you like to watch? your favorite cocktail? whether you think deadmau5 is a hero/fag or not? jeeeez

  26. CaptainKirk says:

    Okay first off. MTV was THE home for nirvana at the same time that it was THE home for music. Call me a peon once you understand the situation here.

    And i wasn't calling out robot love. props for shouting out your friends i'm all about it. It was more the senseless plugging of jersey shore that bothered me. All that show serves to do is put house music further toward the backburner by saying "look what these retards are listening to. and how stupid they look and act while doing it."

    and it's not about getting the name out there. I'd have left a bio, webpage, picture, and social security number if it was about people knowing who i am.

    @ Laura D
    You're showing quite a bit of passion now with your ALL CAPS and internet shouting. Welcome to the conversation. way to make an entrance.

    completely unrelated, but the mau5 has been disappointing me of late as well. The whole spat with Rusko was a shit show. I'm hoping snooky will stop so we can bring him back outta that hole.

  27. stevie.e says:


    We started and continue to devote hours of our day to GDD for one reason: we love electronic music. We're gonna do our thing here, if you don't like it then you don't have to consume the content we are offering you free of cost. If your precious time is better spent at other blogs, by all means please don't waste it on us.

    But for the love of God, please PLEASE if you don't like something we post, LET US KNOW. Be a dick about it in the comments section. Look how many comments you just generated for us. I guarantee that you've checked GDD more often in the last few days because of the little troll battle than you ever have.

    we love controversy. I feel like I should pay you for your help…but would that make us…"sellouts?"

  28. troy kurtz! says:

    i have nipples greg can you milk me

  29. Anonymous says:

    the MTV Jersey Shore page listed 2 songs by Robot Love in the show's episode roster. The other song was called "Amsterdamage." Been looking all over for it, where can that one be found?

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