The Dirt: August 12 featuring Steve Angello, Harvard Bass, Chewie Chocolate Cookies, Skream

Dear reader,

You’re probably wondering by now, “Hey, just exactly how is The Dirt put together?”  The process, you see, is methodical, remarkably simple and takes a mere 4-6 hours to complete.

1. 11AM: wake up (hungover) and get started on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, depending on what The Penthouse’s internet functionality and our schedules have looked like
2. Find the perfect image by painstakingly googling “Filthy babes,” “Mud girl,” “Chick with dirt on boobs,” etc.
3. Edit image with primitive software, make a mental note to get photoshop/call graphic designer
4. Sort everything we’ve posted, downloaded, or appropriated from other blogs in the last week into one big playlist
5. Start deleting things, argue about song selection, criticize each others’ taste in music, point out personal flaws for several hours
6. End up mostly just using a bunch of material Matt Black has found.  Give as little credit as possible.
7. Apply album art, .zip it up, wait several hours to upload, post and send out to list of partnered blogs (6 PM)
8. Shower, eat and realize I’ve wasted my entire day on this.  Go out, start the week’s process all over.
The dirt is our weekly wrapup of our favorites for this week, ready to burn to CD and accompany you on your (very imminent) weekend voyages into unseen new dimensions of party. We give you a blend of the big tunes we’re digging and playing out as well as a few secret weapons and classics we’ve dug out of the exclusive GDD stash for you, zipped for your convenience. Our way of saying thanks for being with us this week and our very best to your weekend. The Dirt is available for you to repost to your blog, website or publication and is currently being guestposted on a number of other publications including Email stevie [at] and we’ll add you to the partnered blogs list and set you up with the full, ready to repost package.

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15 Responses to The Dirt: August 12 featuring Steve Angello, Harvard Bass, Chewie Chocolate Cookies, Skream

  1. Coop says:

    Stevie, I fucking love you.

  2. Coop says:

    MJ, you two aren't so bad either.

  3. pHiLthy says:

    Got a good laugh out of that

  4. DSCO says:

    I was laughing out loud the entire time I was reading this post. I think you have a shot at being a comedian

  5. Active Pharmaceutical Rob says:

    LOL, crack me up. We appreciate the effort.

  6. Peter says:

    I met Stevie at HARD. I seized the opportunity and professed my love of The Dirt. I meant every word Stevie!

  7. Kellen says:

    I love this haha great post

  8. matt says:

    the pointing out of personal flaws takes up about three of these hours.

  9. Anonymous says:

    for the next "The dirt", might i recommend Porter Robinson- Say My Name. that song has a wicked bassline

  10. stevie.e says:

    thanks guys! you make this whole missssserable process worth it. :)

    and anon, I look forward to checking out that track, thanks for the suggestion!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Porter Robinson is LEGIT…dude from carolinas drops it filthy as fuck

  12. lil'd says:

    a. this post is hilarious.
    b. i can completely picture all four of you in the penthouse acting out the steps laid out.
    c. i miss you guys.

  13. chapolito says:

    love it.

    could definitely help you guys out with some image editing, just let me know…

  14. stevie.e says:


    thanks for the suggestion, email me:

    ewaldsteven [at] gmail

    let's put something together

  15. Oh My! says:

    was definitely LOL'ing through most of that post. too funny!

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