Modular People: Klaxons + Bag Raiders

Whether it was to reference Klaxons’ new album or to do a tribute to Modular People [in this case, both], somehow, someway I needed to do a post where I could include this year’s most glorious album cover. Generally I’m not a fan of album covers that are too silly or too over the top. But as you can see by the no-nonsense look on this astrocat’s face, Klaxons are not messing around: they’re back and they mean business. Their new album, Surfing the Void, drops on August 23rd. Stoked these boys are back in action…feels like it’s been forever (At least we didn’t have to wait for a follow up release from Klaxons as long as we’ve had to for fellow label mates, The Avalanches. At this point, The Avalanches are starting to reach Chinese Democracy territory).

Klaxons – Echoes
Klaxons – Same Space

Can any other label field an all-star lineup like Modular Recordings can? Their lineup includes seasoned veterans like Cut Copy, The Presets, Klaxons, Bag Raiders, Van She, Ladyhawke + artists like CEO, The Swiss & Tame Impala, all of whom are having monster 2010s. Modular are like The New York Yankees, except less douchey.

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home




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  1. SweetFA says:

    jeez. ya killin it with the Modular bud. I'm stoked on these!!

  2. Dr.Schlongo says:

    aRod arn't u on the yankees?

  3. sarah says:

    Vote for Klaxons or any of your favourite vinyl album covers of the year! Surfing the Void is one of the nominees for Best Art Vinyl 2010. To check out the nominations or to vote yourself, go to

    Vinyl love xxx

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