DCUP + CRAP eyewear Snackpack Vol. 2

MMmmm Hmmm, its about time for another strong dose of funky snacks from our good friends Peter and Nick over at CRAP. This time around, LA-based sunglass brand CRAP Eyewear had Sydney DJ/Producer DCUP whip up a minimix of aussie dancefloor bombs. Be sure to lookout for DCUP’s new unreleased remix, Break the Rules by KillaQueenz, in the mix.

If you know nothing about the CRAP snack packs series, it is a music project spawned from CRAP’s close relationships with a long roster of musicians, djs and dirtbags; the goal being to introduce all the CRAP heads out there to some new jams. Each Snack Pack will be curated by whoever the dudes at CRAP are feeling at the moment – whether it be a dance mix by an international deejay or some punk tracks thrown together by their drinking buddy.

DCUPs Crap Eyewear mix by dcupmusic

To download (right clicky and save) here!

Be sure to show our pals over at CRAP some love! Get some Crap on your face, so you can stay shaded while your faded!



3 Responses to DCUP + CRAP eyewear Snackpack Vol. 2

  1. aRod says:

    FUCKER. i'm working on my new Fall mix and i wanted to be the first to put that GRUM track on a proper mix! foiled by DCUP. oh well, it's still going on there.

    great mix tho. i very badly wanna catch a DCUP gig. i saw that comment on the Suncloud page from a listener who saw DCUP live and said he played more big hitter tunes than funky jams. i'm sure both set types are good but i, too would expect a DCUP set to sound more like how this mix sounds.

  2. Anonymous says:

    when he played the guns party in venice beach last month he dropped hot ass disco tracks like this mix

  3. Nini says:

    Ewww, I would have expected more attention from DCUP on this mix (transitions and tonality…). Seems like he dashed off his Live set. I saw him in Sydney a year ago (@Candy's Apartment), it was amazing. Not so many disco tracks in my memories but big hitter tunes. My Shazam captured "Shakedown – At Night (Seamus Haji friday night mix)", some Major Lazer and Baltic Pine.

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