Survey says…. A FUN TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!
Saturdays festivities at HARD SUMMER 2010 turned out to be an overall success, with a great new outdoor venue in the LA Historic State Park. Even though the event seemed to be under-sold, it made out for an easier-to-roam experience with little or no mess of crowd congestion. The only beef I had was with the strictness of the beer garden, where they made you get a 21+ wristband, then show your ID again before you entered the garden, then after you left you had to rip it off and show them you did so that you would have to do it all over again if you wanted another drink. Whatever though, they had to be super cautious about everything given the spotlight of concern.
Everyone put on high energy sets (with the exception of Crappy Castles), with new tracks dropping left and right. The radio Soulwax crew however, took the taco. Erol Alkan, Tiga and the Techno Tuxedos themselves put on extraordinary performances, keeping arms in the air and warming the breezy summer night. Erol owned the day, Tiga dazzled the harder stage with his tech-y touch, and Soulwax despite having their set cut short due to a late start, proved to be worth it all with their raw, live magic. Caspa, Skream and Benga all provided superb bass on the harder stage during the day. I can’t complain about anyone’s set, except for the over-production put into Crystal Castles stage performance with such horrible sound. Figure that one out guys – definitely not worthy to be deemed the second headliner. But to end on a positive note, the festival went exceptionally well for only going til midnight! Cheers!
Erol Alkan and Tiga himself killed it with their crowds, look out for this monster.

Erol also dropped this new slammer, groove with it.
The Twelves pumped this early under the hot sun, great for every summer set.
Off Tim Healey’s August Mix, HARD worthy and a must have right meow.





5 Responses to HARD-LY A PROBLEM!

  1. Laura Dambuleff says:

    hmm… not my favorite hard at all. granted the last hard summer was OVERSOLD and under staffed, they had absolutely no need to go to the extent that they did for this event. from the beer gardens to me having to take off my shoes AND get super felt up was so unnecessary. people were getting money taken away if it was folded wrong or loose in their bag. it was so ridiculous. i feel jealous of anyone smart enough to dumpster dive after the event, so genius.

    the sound quality on the hard-er stage was absolutely TERRIBLE… tiga and proxy would have been lightyears better had they actually played on a legitimate sound system.

    and total mistake putting digitalism/soulwax at the same time and flying lotus/crystal castles as well. was torn for the d/s conflict and left with an hour of shit music for the flylo/cc slot.

    have to say i'm completely unimpressed by the dubstep talent at the show… was super excited to see caspa/benga/skream but left with a sour taste in my mouth. caspa was horrible and the sets got super predictable/annoying after the millionth wind down of the music for the MC to shout something pointless and the song to start from the beginning as if we hadn't previously been paying attention. i've been to many a dubstep show (see: rusko, 12th planet, emalkay, nero, etc) and they were amazing so i'm not tryna hate on live sets but REALLY??? ugh… definitely lost a little faith.

    that being said… HARD HAUNTED is the most stacked lineup i've ever seen, see you dirty kids there. HARD you haven't lost me yet.

  2. Eric Mitchell says:

    Awesome to see LRD popping up in some sets. As if the Twelves weren't sick enough already.

  3. Peter says:

    I was planning on seeing Switch, but The Twelves were so good I couldn't pull myself away. They were nailing it with their track selection. Green Velvet's dancing was highly amusing/adorable – great performance. Erol Alkan's beats were twisted and bugged out, best set I've heard him play. Diplo was great energy, loved his variety.

    It's true, the Hard-er sound system was awful, and kinda ruined the sets. I was really looking forward to Tiga. But even standing right in front of the (right) speakers, I could hear people chatting next to me more than the bass.

    Soulwax getting cut short was a bummer. It felt like they were just getting started and getting into their hits. That was poor planning.

    Still a great day. They should hold more of these at the LA Historic Park.

  4. pHiLthy says:

    Anyone hear Green Velvet's remix of Gare Du Nord?

    Uh Ohhhh

  5. Stella Dancerella says:

    Is everyone forgetting breakbot? helloooo?? most epic set not only of the day, but that i've ever ever ever seen live! dropping next episode and then mixing out of that into positif?? are you kidding me?? and then stress and ff/ab's intro?? not to mention all of his normal great disco stuff like gummiband by suriusmo.

    or did you guys wait til he was done to arrive? he went on kinda early at 3:15. :/ none of my friends wanted to go that early so i had to take two buses decked out in rave gear all by myself just to catch his set haha. so worth it though not even complaining.

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