Doorly – The One ft. Lady Chann

We had the pleasure of spending the World Cup final with Martin DoorlyRusko and Tamie Adaya at our favorite place in the world, the fabulous Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica and couldn’t be more excited to have the US exclusive on Doorly‘s unreleased new track from his forthcoming EP on Crown Jewels.  Teaming up with the current queen of UK dancehall, Lady Chann (who we’ve covered recently), “The One” is heavy, bold and quirky as ever as it bounces along.

We sat down and chatted with Doorly over Tamietinis, our host Tamie’s signature drink. Fed up with people genre bashing and throwing artists into categories, Doorly has set up a new label, Pigeonhole This! which feeds into his nights: Wax:On at Leeds Stylus, and Reclaim the Dancefloor at Ibiza Rocks. The concept behind Pigeonhole This! is ingenious as it is daring: to get DJs and producers to play out genres that they wouldn’t otherwise be seen to play. “I mean, imagine Skream playing a nu-disco set”, says Doorly. “It’s frustrating to hear people turn round and review your tracks and say: this is the latest Doorly dubstep remix,” he says animatedly, “I’m sorry, but my Marina and the Diamonds remix is not dubstep, it’s a lot of things, but it’s definitely not dubstep!”
We took a break to take Doorly to Chipotle for the first time and drop by the British store to grab Rusko crisps, munchies and a Lucozade (“Did they have Quavers? I bet they had Quavers, and rowntrees fruit pastilles! ooooh…” he quizzed excitedly upon our return) and we concluded that Doorly, sick of people categorizing and subcategorizing the dance music that we live in, is seeking first to break boundaries through enabling DJs known for particular styles to cut loose from the confines of the genre they’ve been placed in and to actually have fun and play something totally different.  

We can’t wait to hear and see what this means for dance music in the near future– we see good things coming on all sides for him.
– sneevs & SweetFA



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    Give it another go Anon, it's working for me

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    I like the way Mr. Doorly thinks!

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    very interesting post, cheers!

  5. Nuni says:

    Mansions in the Hampton's

    By Nuni

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    Break boundaries with this track? Are you having a laugh? Practically unlistenable

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