Last week saw the launch and first release from rookie label Metamimetic. In conjunction with the release of the indie-blues infused Sam WilkesBooth EP, we are running a remix competition for his track ‘Let Him Go’. You can find the stems and rules below. The winner will receive two passes to a Control night of their choice, a highly coveted GDD tee and sticker pack as well as being released via Metamimetic. We’ll also be posting honorable mentions on both Metamimetic and GottaDanceDirty.

Synth-house duo ZX have recently signed with Metamimetic and are set to drop their EP via the label on August 2. From Peterborough in the UK, their maximalist house sound has undertones of Oizo-esque synthlines; our buddies over at Too Many Sebastians compared their sound to early GRUM, but enough of that, let their music do the talking and take a listen for yourself.
Here’s their rendition of the new Wilkes track, you can find the stems below.
—> STEM PACKAGE <--- get ’em
1. Email entries to no later than August 15th. Mp3s in 320 are best.
2. Track content will remain sole property of Metamimetic Records.
Good Luck!
Here’s an exclusive promo that won’t be featured on their forthcoming EP:
Huge fan of this tune; the sample from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest is BIG.
For more info on the label and to pick up a free copy of the brand new Sam Wilkes – Booth EP, visit:




  1. Anonymous says:

    Wilkish 4 the win!

  2. Pete says:

    That ZX remix makes me want to do blow off of a spanish nuns tittayys

  3. Anonymous says:

    the ZX remix….WOW!

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