After spending the weekend in Vegas for JonahDancesBirthday, I was impressed and a little surprised to see that the music and scene of our pool-party-day-raging was better than the mauafactured DJ playlists heard in the clubs at night. There is so much more electronic music played during the day, and the Vegas style that has mastered the art of the ‘bootleg.’ If you can balance enjoyable hip-hop vocals with dirty ass house music, then you have a solid pool party. Scope these new ones we dabbled this weekend:

Bassjackers – Clifton (Original Mix) √+ [link fixed!]
• Afrojack ft. Eva Simons – Take Over Control (Original Mix) link removed by request! gotta be quicker! Stream it here.

Oh, and dirty dancers! My SUMMER 2010 Mix finally drops this wednesday! Get ready for an hour of party power…





  1. Anonymous says:

    Link for Clifton is just another download for Take Over Control.

  2. GigNatic says:

    hey can you re-up the clifton original? the yousendit downloads have been exhausted.

    and what was the las vegas club scene like then, all top 40 and rap?

  3. BONES says:

    links fixed for clifton! my bad…

    and yeah, HAZE @ Aria was an incredible setup and sound system, but the music was just garbage. Not even good top 40, all r&b and silly rap yelling.

    Great sound systems deserve great bass in yo face.

  4. T3RR0R says:

    you missed steve aoki at surrender, im assuming. He dropped a lot of new stuff.

  5. BONES says:

    haha i knew someone would say something… we actually WERE there and it was fucking awesome. I totally agree it was all great new RAVEY AS HELL stuff. I was just really bummed on the music on saturday, but Steve did a killer job and he def gets more cred in my book.

    This post was merely promoting the no-name djs of the pool partys that did a solid ass job rockin the party with rave-tastic vocal mix bootlegs 😉

  6. wild bill says:

    That is not a Chuckie remix, its a fake… he confirmed it on his twitter.

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