This is PANIC

Fall 2009 to Summer 2010. That’s how long ‘Panic’ by Xuman has been in heavy rotation for me. We’re talkin’ HEAVY. We’re talking about every mixtape, every party and pretty much everyday under the headphones, this funk-pop masterpiece has been there for me right when I needed it. Think of the best booty call you’ve ever had. The one that always seemed to call at the perfect time. The one that never rejected a dirty text photo invitation. The one that never let you down. This track is that booty call.

This is ‘Panic’.

‘Panic’ comes a knockin’ again with brand new remixes by Moonseven, Eclier & Type II (plus a DJ Version linked below). Be sure to check’em out.

Xuman – Panic (DJ Version)

And peep the brand spankin’ new video for original version of Panic:

“Panic” by Xuman from EQ Video on Vimeo.




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