Alright so whether some of you DJs like it or not, people are gonna request music that aren’t always your favorites (and might even piss you the fack off). A huge example is with the poppy-as-fuck katy perry & snoop dogg single “California Gurls.” Luckily, we have killer producers out there who know and feel our pain. So here’s an arsenal of different ones you can judge to be the perfect fit for your club dj set.



24 Responses to WE’LL MELT YOUR REMIXES.

  1. Gins says:

    Oh Snoop dogg, he just seems to be ruining everything lately, maybe I just can't stand his voice… And what the eff was that music video he did for true blood?

  2. Tron Jeremy™ says:

    Let's dedicate the comments to whether you would bone Katy Perry


  3. ayume says:

    how can you not stand snoops voice? it sso smoooooth. but yeah the only good thing about this song is the video. fuckin hell katys tits!

  4. Anonymous says:

    you need to make a top 10 shitty song yet great remix list.

  5. Toxin says:

    Another terrible song that is often requested is Tik Tok…check out the Chrispy dubstep remix… it is actually really good compared to the original

  6. kim bùi says:

    algeronics remix?

  7. Pablo Arreola says:

    I was a bit fond of Laidback Luke's remix of "I Gotta Feeling", nothing special though.
    @Tron Jeremy
    I'll have to go with NAY on that one. I've more than once confused her with the Progressive Insurance girl, and she's a definite NAY!

  8. matt says:

    the george lenton remix isn't bad for you dubstep kids. and i feel like that AVH remix might as well be a duck sauce remix it's freakin funky.

    and cam, Y.

  9. BONES says:

    DOUBLE (Y)es.

  10. Anonymous says:

    cam i vote yes

    can't say i like any of these remixes that much, even armand's. bleh

  11. Anonymous says:

    Van Helden brings the heat…He's been on another roll lately-Uffie, anyone? He's on his third (or fourth) ride on the zeitgeist by now…

  12. Kvasy says:

    Ohhhhh, Rusko's remix of Alejandro is so thick and bassy. Love that one. Passion Pits remix of this will probably satisfy pop lovers the most, but MSTRKRFT's is my fav.

  13. MANILA KILLA says:

    Hey guys, Manila Killa here. Just finished a remix of this ultra pop hit… check it?


  14. Pealer says:

    Van's remix is the dopes rope until Katy Perry comes in, she really kills everything she touches, the hype disco vibe is killed by her voice.

  15. Ben says:

    i like the MSTRKRFT except when it kinda goes to dubstep.

  16. dknight says:

    Ill have to go with the mstrkrft remix as my fav.

  17. Rage says:

    Lol shitty songs yet top remixes list. I'm interested to see that.

  18. ZAAACH says:

    ARMAN VAN HELDEN's IS THE SHIIIIIITTT. serisouly love this mix even tho it takes a little to get the ball rollin. and yes i would bone katy.

  19. Tron Jeremy™ says:

    Let's be honest, some of these requestors won't be satisfied until you play the radio edit of the original.


  20. GigNatic says:

    The Calvin Harris remix of Waking Up In Vegas is extra nice, but both that and the California Girls original just have lacking-ass pop melodies. Katy never does it for me.

  21. Mitch says:

    i liked armand's mix until i heard this:
    California Gurls (Manila Killa Remix)

  22. Anonymous says:

    California Gurls (Manila Killa Remix)

    OMG katy perry's huge tittys

  23. Anonymous says:

    Da Disco Boyz' remix of this song is the best out yet!


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