GDD™ presents CONTROL at the Avalon w/ Stanton Warriors + Nadastrom + ///BONES!

BLAU! Hope all of you kids had a good time this weekend out at EDC I know that much of the GDD crew did. It was awesome to meet so many of you that read our posts and support what we do and we really appreciate all the love. So now you LA people have 3 more days of recovery before the next massive show at the Avalon. The big time breakbeat enthusiasts known as Stanton Warriors will be making a CONTROL debut this Friday along with the bass heavy duo from DC known as Nadastrom. Neither of these acts were in town last weekend so get some fresh sets into your electronic veins.

Your pal ///BONES will be mainstage this week as well, taking the reigns late night to throw down for you night owls.
Please RSVP names and pluses to to be put on our discount ticket list for the evening. All guests enter through the left side Honey Lounge entrance. Pricing will be as follows:
-21+: $10 before 11pm
-18+: $15 before 11pm
Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom were kind enough to deliver us an exclusive mix to get you guys pumped for this week, and you know it’s got some of that Moombahton in there.

– Pase Rock – “Nights” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Bingo Players ft. Lady Gaga – “Devotion” (Nadastrom Edit)
– Shiny Toy Guns – “Ricochet” (Nadastrom Head Spin Dub)
– Nadastrom – “Save Us”
– Nadastrom – “Ghetto Pass” (LA Riots Remix)
– Congorock ft. Mr. Lexx – “Babylon”
– Nadastrom ft. South Rakkas Crew – “Squarez” (Nadastrom’s Get Mad Edit)
– AC Slater ft. Ninjasonik – “Take You” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Benny Bennasi ft. Kelis, Apl.De.Ap, Jean Baptiste – “Spaceship” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Mele – “Bombay” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Blaqstarr – “Tote It”
– Fugative – “Crush” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Udachi – “Pfunk Skank” (Nadastrom Remxi)
– Blaqstarr – “Get Your Handz Up” (Nadastrom Limbo Remix)
– Silvio Ecomo, DJ Chuckie – “Moombah” (Afrojack Remix)
– Nadastrom – “Be Faithful Moombahton” (Crooklyn Jacked Edit)
– Dave Nada – “Moombahton”
– Dave Nada – “Riverside” (Moombahton Edit)
– Yeah Yeah Yeahs/A-Trak – “Heads Will Roll” (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)
– Steve Starks – “Lydia” (Nadastrom’s Moombahton Remix)
– N.A.S.A. ft. M.I.A, Santigold, Spankrock. – “Watchadoin” (Uncle Jesse Moompatron Edit)
– Mu-Gen – “Fizzdom” (Munchi Moombahton Remix)
– Tittsworth ft. Kid Sister, Pase Rock – “WTF” (Nadastrom’s Crazy Edit)
Lil Wayne – “A Milli” (Nadastrom Remix) oldie but goooooodie!
– Art vs. Science – “Parlez Vous Francais” (Nadastrom Remix)

In the comments section, write your best story about EDC last weekend and whoever has the craziest, most ridiculous story will get two tickets to the show on Friday. Even if you don’t want tickets and just want to write a nutty story, please feel free to do that too.



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  1. Dr.Schlongo says:

    i shagged in the porta poties then stepped in the blue goo and had the stink foot for the rest of the night. I was definitely dancing dirty

  2. Max Pashman says:

    I was on the main stage on Saturday during Will I AM's set waiting for Laidback Luke to come on. Meanwhile, on the right side people were hopping the fence while at the same time people were trying to go through the little stairs blocked by security (FAIL). All of a sudden in the little stairs people were stuck and no one could get through, they pushed so hard that everyone in the front fell to the ground and were squashed by the people in the back. I went in to try to help pull some people out along with some others but the security guy yelled at me to "back the f*** off". As soon as the group was dispersed, the first person I saw pop up was some girl bleeding alllllll over here face. One of the scariest sites I've seen at a rave. She probably ate some s*** falling down those stairs. Shows how crazy this year really was…

  3. MustacheMan says:

    Walking toward the stage for Infected Mushroom I got pants-ed and at the time i was only wearing shoes, red short shorts, and my mustache. Following the pantsing I decided to ride it out and took off my shoes and shorts and proceeded to run around the audience area in free spirit form. Everyone wanted pictures with me.

  4. Geeky.Nerdy. says:

    My story isnt crazy or ridiculous, it just plain sucks but ends up all good!! So I lost my 2-day pass @ the Chicago O'Hare Airport when I dropped my bag. Everything fell out, incl. that ticket and I didnt notice that I didnt have it. I could only afford a Friday pass but I ended up craig-fucked (somebody fucked me over on craiglist) and I ended up with a fake ticket. I had been standing in line for about 2 hours and after all that, I wanted to cry. However, a week prior to EDC, my friend fractured his leg. I gave him a call maybe so I could buy it off him but he just GAVE me his friday EDC pass. Gvae his peace and told me to have fun! Fuck yes!! I had to wait until 6pm but I was like whatever. My other friends showed up with the ticket. I got in (it was 7pm and security didnt even check me, they just waved me right in). I went on this crazy ass whirl ride, I danced dirty to dada life, I danced dirty to moby, I danced dirty to basement jaxx, I danced dirty to armand van helden. I fucking was dancing dirty just to dance dirty. Despite me being out $135 for that lost 2day pass and another $70 for that fake ticket, I dont even care, I had the time of my motherfucking life!!!

  5. Trigo Loc says:

    2am on Friday night – taking a piss in a urinal at the top of the Coliseum – look over and some guy is jerkin it 2 urinals over – couldn't even bring himself to go to the stalls!

  6. Marinn says:

    I was horribly involved in one of the gates being rushed into the coliseum while Will.I.Am was spinning. All the girls in front of me were being shoved down the small staircase as I figured it would be a brilliant idea to step over a couple of heffahs thus leading me to flip and land on my back in front of the crowd with bitches falling on top of me all at the same time as I'm screaming out fuck my life. Then my life was spared saved by being dragged out by my arms, with bitches stiiiiill on top of me. -____- Didn't matter when the overwhelming feeling of making it in took over the disconcerted pain and able to watch Lil' John be a niggah niggah.

  7. Danl says:

    I'll have a go at it.
    This is a story about Saturday so understand all the surrounding circumstances.
    Me and my 3 friends had planned to get to Exposition at 3 to get on the floor and see Bart B More and stay through til Benny Benassi. We decided to use public transpo instead of a cab or a car to reduce expenses. This decision, however, made us way late on our intended eta. The bus didn't come for a while and we didn't arrive at the park until about 4, then we got to the seemingly infinite entry line which we didn't get through until 4:45, and I lost my bandana. Once were in we essentially sprint to the, also, mobbed entrance to the coliseum. One of my friends and I made it through the temporarily open side entrance while my other two friends got stuck when they closed it due to unruly ravers. The friend who was with me kept walking while my other two friends were calling us to wait for them. I told them to meet us at the stairs but as we were waiting, they closed that entrance. Without knowing where they were and having no cell service, (damn you AT&T), we decided to sit in the stands and wait. We sent out several texts and phone messages letting them know where were hoping they would find us. Sets started and ended and they didn't show. People hopped the fences and it almost got shut down and they didn't show. Two hours pass by and they finally show, furious at us. They did not get a single text until they left the stadium to go to the bathroom. They had been searching the floor for the past two hours because that's where we wanted to be for the show. They were mad, I was upset, and my other friend had been coming up, and was now full strength, the entire time and was thus no help at all. My Saturday was effectively ruined. We agreed, grumpily, that we wanted to move to the Cosmic Meadown and see Wolfgang, Duck Sauce, and then hit the Circuit Grounds for Boys Noize. The mood was less heated but I was still not feeling very well. I Really felt bad about what I did and it affected me physically. Post sets we were all friends again but very tired. Were leaving and we see a golf cart with a bunch of people on it, one of which appeared to be Wolfgang Garter. Wait, it WAS WOLFGANG. No one else knew what he looked like, much less his real name, so my three friends and I got a little personal time with the man himself. Little did we realize that also on the back of the golf cart was JFK and Harvard Bass. We were all completely star struck and had forgotten the shittiness of the mid afternoon. What started as a really shitty cluster-fuck turned into a "meet your hero and see the best sets ever" day.

  8. says:

    i was on 4 8ths of mushrooms and wwent to the convention center to take a shit before they let us in the first day. well kids were selling drugs in the bathroom and i heard a guy say "any kids in here need to get the fuck out now!" well i was taking a shit so there was not much i could do. so i said hey i dont knw who you u are im really just trying to go poop so let me wipe my ass and i will be on my way. so i get out without flushing and well it was 5 LAPD and i had pot in my pocket and a pipe. so they asked me if i was selling drugs in the bathroom. so I said " man all i was doing was taking a fucking shit and i hear you guys yelling. like i havent even washed my hands yet. you guys can check my pockets like i have nothing. go in the bathroom and look at the shit i just took." so they did. and one officer said its your lucky day you werent lying and i said well no shit officer and he just laughed. so i washed my hands and went on my way. i was trippin balls ahahah.

  9. max says:

    ok so edc was my first massive, first electro concert, first anything. friday was just epic all the way through, got there around 5, checked out afro right as we got there and danced my dirty balls off to the most beautiful thing that has ever hit me in the ears, then danced my ass over to chuckie and did some more of the dirty stuff there, and then all of the same amazing stuff coming from steve aoki and dada life. this whole time, none of my homies want to go out and get girls, all they want to do is dance with themselves. which i can honestly understand, but if your a man, and your in a mood for a woman, theres only so many other things that can get you to stop thinkin about the bitches. so im following my buddies away from the set and we somehow land upon a beautiful bunch of perfect hunnies and we all slide in like we've known them since we were all born. everythings goin dirty and we're decide to get up and go inside the main stage to dance so we get up to go and start walking away. then i realize i forgot my cigs and i tell everyone to wait 30 seconds while i got get my cigs. i turn around run and get them and they;re all gone. so from then till when kaskade was ending, i was trying to find these bitches again becuase i couldnt believe that i had finally gotten the pot of dirty gold at the end of the rainbow but my friggen cigs took it all away from me. i finally meet up with some friends, no girls, and for the rest of the weekend, im bummin that i didnt get any time with the dream dirty girls of EDC, but havin a raging time as well at my favs fedde le grand, afro, and laidback luke. now, i get home and im livin up how amazing everything was at EDC and i click on this video of "what is EDC like?" and its some weird ass creep zooming in on girls asses and narrating his path through the EDC grounds, whilst creeping on every lil hunnie that he walks by, to which he sasy is his favorite part about these types of events, like he's some sort of expert…?? but anyways, im watching this video, and here he goes into a tunnel entrance to the collesium, and who do you think he spies waking towards him. a group of about 7 gorgeously dirty dancing girls walking towards him. now who do you guess were these dirty girls? the same girls i had about 15 minutes with and broke my heart. so there he goes yellin at them in the video and whistling and getting them to dance on video. the most horrible part is that this sick ugly ass creep probably ended up spending more time with these chicks by following them and filming their asses than i got. thats too dirty for me.

  10. Anonymous says:

    any way we can get a .cue sheet for Nadastrom CONTROL mix please???? : )

  11. Anonymous says:

    craziest story for me from EDC was realizing after reading your post that the GOTTADANCEDIRTY crew didn't attend one set at the bassPOD stage either day…. PUSSIES……..

    maybe the bass was too heavy over there, and you guys wanted to hear some "epic" trance and house instead, don't blame you.


  12. BONES says:

    12 planet at the bass pod for 3 hours on friday was what I caught, other than walking by and jammin as i went from stage to stage :)

    oh yeah, so fuck you anonymous.

  13. jonahberry says:

    hahahaha. anonymous. you really think that bass could ever be TOO HEAVY for us? go play with your shake weight.

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