Eight Zero Five

It’s always great to see talent coming out of your hometown, but even better to see that talent spawn from close friends of yours. When the decks are traded in for some production software and plug ins, there’s no telling how far the rabbit hole goes. Long live the Santa Barbara electro scene and the people that are making it happen.

First we have one from a good pal of mine named Tim Nelson. He wasn’t too good at soccer back in the 4th grade, but boy, now the kid can produce. He is known to the electronic mainframe as BetaTraXx (previously Redlight). He’s had several tracks played by huge names as well as several #1 tracks nesting at the top of hypem.com. He has a Self-Titled EP due to launch July 7th, and here’s a sneak peak of the track listing:

BetaTraXx – Foxtrot ft. Kendahl Gold
BetaTraXx – Foxtrot ft. Kendahl Gold (Kids at the Bar Remix)
BetaTraXx – Foxtrot ft. Kendahl Gold (LightsOverLA Remix)
Dope little collab here between BetaTraXx and our boys of LightsOverLA.
BetaTraXx – Rise to the Noise ft. Clinical

Next, outta Santa Barbara we have a duo consisting of Kerry Wheeler and Alex Westmore. Kerry’s been a homie since day one. They go by the alias CAASINO, and after listing to the song I’m sure you’d rather use your gambling money on these tracks rather than hitting up the Craps tables in Vegas. But either way, you are hitting up the CAASINO.

Find their latest mix HERE

Clyde Brown – Your Wish is my Command (CAASINO remix)
funky fresh



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  1. Anonymous says:

    hot tracks!

  2. zander says:

    bout time

  3. aMnesiac.sg says:

    that casino remix, the drums are a puzique – don't go sample. clever…

  4. High Jack says:

    this track is sick!

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