EDC – The Aftermath

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While the GDD team are reeling from the exploits of a fun filled weekend; I figured we should probably give you a rundown of how the Electric Daisy Carnival played out for us. With so many time clashes of the world’s finest DJs, I can only offer you one man’s perspective; so whichever sets I missed or overlooked, feel free to add your tales below, cos we wanna hear them.
Friday was a massive affair, the main reason I was there was to see veteran house supergroup Swedish House Mafia, who absolutely killed their live set on Kinetic Field. Unsurprisingly, the Coliseum was packed out, the gates to the main floor were closed when it reached capacity pretty early in the day, so a load of people were forced into the stands, but that didn’t matter. To be honest, the sound could’ve been bumped a little louder on day one in the Coliseum, but that was probably down to the fact that there were tens of thousands of people wiling out to Axwell, Angello and Ingrosso; the atmosphere was like nothing else. Highlights of their set were ‘One’ and the massive ‘Leave The World Behind’. If I’m pushed, the one part of their set I was less stoked on was their bunk drop of Blur‘s Song 2 intro which didn’t go anywhere, but besides that it was pretty dope.

photo cred: Rukes.com
Credit where it’s due, Dirty South played the best show I’ve seen from him all year; spinning to a packed out house before Swedish House Mafia played, he really set the bar at new heights. Meanwhile, over at the Cosmic Meadow stage, the bar was also being raised at a prolific rate; Bart B More taking to the stage after a wicked set from Dada Life, then throwing down some of the dirtiest dutch house I’ve heard in months. Travis x A-Trak, I was undecided on at first, but their set together was a pretty awesome tribute to DJ AM; the two playing electro and house bangers from the past year, keeping the party going with the fresh musical addition of Travis Barker‘s live percussion. The best set I saw all night was over at the Circuit Grounds, where we were able to witness Moby slaying a rare dj set. This for me was not only the best set all night, but it’d also rate among the top five sets I’ve seen this year. A particular highlight was raging to this humungous house banger:

photo cred: Willa Campbell & Matt Black
The half of the Jack Beats set I managed to hear was pretty decent, a mixture of old and new house driven dubstep; obvious highlights were ‘Get Down’ and the two new tracks they’re set to release today via Herve‘s Cheap Thrills label:
If you dig these, then head over to Beatport where you can pick up the EP in full 320
So to round off the night, rather than head into the oversubscribed mess that was the Coliseum for Deadmau5, we scoped out Claude VonStroke who was throwing down his trademark minimal over at the Neon Garden stage. Such a sick set that sent us spiraling into Saturday.

photo cred: Willa Campbell
Hit the second day fairly late on, making a beeline straight for Kinetic Field and the mainstage which boasted sets from Bart B More, Dada Life & Afrojack. Afrojack slammed out a very similar set to Friday’s one; though to a far bigger audience, all blissing out to his dutch house and electro, before the dream was shattered by Lil’ Jon who out of nowhere started MCing for the tail end of his set. Back to back sets from Sound of Stereo and Felix Cartal put us back on track and onto a good one, just in time to catch a hotly anticipated set from Laidback Luke who failed to disappoint. I think it’s pretty fair to say that downtown LA went Dutch for the weekend; the amount of bleep heavy house music that went on is going to be etched into my skull for the rest of summer. Back over at Cosmic Meadows, LA Riots threw down some jams, particularly memorable was this:

photo cred: Rukes.com
Even Wolfgang Gartner‘s set was tinged with Dutch House, as he exploded onstage with classic heavy hitters: ‘Wolfgang’s 5th’, ‘Undertaker’ and ‘Fire Power’. Entirely different to his set at Coachella, this one was far more of a housey affair. One act I’ve been looking forward to catching more than any other lately is Duck Sauce, the Fool’s Gold collab between A-Trak and Armand Van Helden. Arriving onstage beneath a thirty foot high duck, the duo proceeded to shred through their 75 minute set. Highlights of their show included GottaDanceDirty favorite Louis La Roche‘s ‘Sunshine Hotel’ as well as these:
If you dig this collab between Riton and Mehdi, they’re playing in LA this Saturday and you can scoop up tickets here
At EDC they played the unreleased original, but here’s a sick re-edit from Manila Killa
And finally, last but by no means least, the closing set from Boys Noize; who threw down a mixture of old and new – from Oi Oi Oi, Power and his collaborations with Erol – but threw it down super hard. The Boys Noize set was tight and ranks among the best I saw all weekend. Was hoping he’d drop this as an encore, but sadly he got cut short at 2am:
After hearing previews and radio rips of this for over a month now, here it is in full – This track is utter fire.
From the vault:
Big thanks to everyone who made the weekend a memorable one, particularly those who stopped us to say what up and compliment the GDD tees. You can get your mitts on them now HERE.



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  1. Dr.Schlongo says:

    dopeeee post freddy! i was listening to the live moby EDC cast and it was epic…His sets don't waiver much from his previous DJ sets, he seems to always have certain staples in it.

  2. Peter says:

    Was looking forward to hearing the GDD coverage… Nice post! Way to support CVS! Also FYI Carte Blanche is in SF Friday, LA Saturday.

  3. DSCO says:

    Nice post, I agree Moby was incredible!!! Swedish House Mafia also was great. @Dr. Scholongo where can I find Moby's EDC set?

  4. Anonymous says:

    saw u guys rocking the fresh tee',s and had to say steve aoki was hands down the best performer at edc who really did live up to his title. When he was at the cosmic meadow he was letting people in front of his stage

  5. Colin.Christo4 says:

    The summary was very well done. The entire night was amazing every set was sick. Anon is on to something for sure Steve Aoki killed it. Felguk (despite Sporty-O's MCing) was insane. Along with Jack Beats!!! And TravisxA-Trak was godlike. The bass was insane and I would also like to know where you could pick up Moby's set. Best night ever

  6. lauraaa says:

    duuuude boys noize stole the entire weekend for me. absolutely blew my mind and his opener could not have been any more insane. brap was soooo good, disappointed he didn't drop his justice remix tho, it's one of my favorites.

    dirty south was great, i like him a lot better around smaller audiences though, it seems the less people he has to impress the harder he bangs it out. shm was impressive as always. you're glad you missed deadmau5, it was a total disappointment. as good as LBL was i had higher expectations. the same goes for congorock.

    whoever told lil jon it was okay to MC over half the sets at EDC is an idiot. got so sick of that fool after the second outburst of mic rape during afrojack's set.

    oh and felix cartal was FUCKING amazing, one of my favorite sets at edc and of this year, he's one of the few DJs who knows the perfect ratio of playing his own stuff vs other stuff.

    they need to organize the field at kinetic field better next year. i got there early for dirty south and was trapped there until 2am. SUCKED BIGTIME. there should always be exits available, what a joke. half of the bottles on the ground were filled with pee by the end!

  7. Dr.Schlongo says:

    @DSCO, like i said mobys dj sets have a lot of the same staples in them. Look for his essential mix, you'll notice a lot of similarities.

    i heard his set on Sirius satellite radio live, and of the 4 or 5 songs i heard, i've seen him play em all before.

  8. Dr.Schlongo says:

    btw dudes, our apparel line is up!

  9. .Cracker says:

    deadmau5 played the same set as at coachella with slight adjustments and additions to the visuals. While it was predictable and got cut off a little early it still blew my mind as my first time seeing him live.

  10. Trevor Duckworth says:

    It was a damn pleasure meeting you fools at Z-Trip (probably my favorite set of the weekend) between giving ///Bones a bearhug and feeling that basscheck I was ready to rock.

    The crowd fence jumping on Saturday was a bit crazy.. after LBL I was all over cosmic meadow, LA Riots, Wolfgang, and Duck Sauce were all killer. And I think we all knew Boyz Noise was gonna drop a lethal show like that.

    Awesome weekend, unreal to meet the makers of a blog I so closely follow, you guys were D.A.F. to say the least, goin to Audiotistic?

    Peace out, and check my blog you guys were an inspiration.

  11. bennnnyy says:

    the boysnoize and jack beats tracks u posted there are MASSIVE!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just my angle saw a lot of the artists u missed out on.
    Congorocks set was dirty and heavey and hit the spot to get friday goin.
    Excision and 12th planet thru down the grime both played great sets.
    Saturday saw dada life early pretty much epic and really thought MSTRKRFTs set to end it out was my favorite all weekend

  13. matt says:

    wicked recap fred. so that's what you did when you bailed by yourself before we even got in the gates haha. as for my two cents on the weekend, friday night that was the worst set i've ever seen moby play but that's only because he is a god. he merely showed signs of mortality on friday. SHM and dirty south killed it.

    will.i.am did you fall on to stage and start DJing to thousands of people without ever seeing a CDJ and mixer before in your damn life? you're a joke of a human being and i would honestly feel insulted if i was anyone slotted before you on the kinetic field. please stop riding fergie's coattails and get a real fucking job. who the fuck invited him and lil jon? never in my life did i think that a rap artist would find a way to make me hate listening to electronic music. it was absolutely painful but a necessary evil in order to be in the coliseum for LBL's awesome set.

    on a lighter note wolfgang was pretty much flawless, and humble about it at that, and all i could think of during duck sauce was "it's 2010 and disco and cocaine are BACK!" cosmicmeadow was my favorite stage setup by far. then the rynecologist remix of kontact me to open and alex dropping brap! ended the weekend perfectly for me.

    p.s. hopping fences and trampling your fellow ravers is very unPLUR.

  14. matt says:

    oh and sweet shot of my shirt!

  15. pHiLthy says:

    It is a shame Above & Beyond's set wasn't mentioned.

    They played one of the most spectacular/emotional sets ever. Hands down my favorite of the weekend.

    And I was looking forward to seeing them the least! So I glad I didn't miss them.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well a good way to end EDC LA, FOREVER. Some stupid 15 year old thought she was cool and did a little too much Molly and died and now there is no EDC at the Coliseum ever again. Wow. BTW 12th planet was one of the sickest sets I've ever seen. Hopefully we'll see him at Coachella next year with an even bigger electronic/Dubstep line up than last year.

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