Skream Freeizm Vol.1

After unveiling plans this week to tour as Magnetic Man, his sideproject with Benga and Artwork, Skream has gone and dropped a four track EP entitled Freeizm to his fans via twitter. The EP’s pretty diverse ranging from the mellow and melodic Minimoool, to the wobble of Pitfall featuring the Clap Your Hands snares. Skream’s ability to produce as many tracks as he does just goes to show that he’s one of the best in the business; over half his dubs never see the light of day, besides during his live sets. If you haven’t heard one already, get yourself down to Hard Summer, and with Benga billed too, I’d say there’s a strong possibility of Magnetic Man playing together.




2 Responses to Skream Freeizm Vol.1

  1. walfredo says:

    That Show me Love boot is horrible.

  2. Anonymous says:

    …it is NOT!!!

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