The New Orbital

What’s up dirty dancers?! This weekend brace yourselves for brand new Orbital. Since going back on the road last year, there’ve been mumblings about whether they were ever going to produce new material and finally, for the first time in six years Paul and Phil Hartnoll are putting out some new stuff. The new EP Don’t Stop Me / The Gun Is Good is set to drop on Monday, and here’s my verdict:

While sticking to the trademark trancey experimental synths you’d expect from them, Orbital’s new stuff is fused with House. ‘Don’t Stop Me’ is set for massive things in 2010, featuring samples from Buggles, I’d rank it with some of the best work the Hartnolls have released in the past ten years. The lashings of synth on ‘Gun Is Good’ give it a darker feel, more in keeping with their earlier work. Either way, where so many comeback records are duds, this is not – This is Orbital playing to the current musical climate while still giving a nod to their old sound and what gained them the legendary esteem they’re held in today. Big ups.
Head over to Beatport to cop the full EP from Monday




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