Nadastrom + John Roman

It’s another Monday morning and John Roman has still yet to release his “Reclusion” mixtape to the masses, which means we get another remix this week to share. This ‘Nigerian dub’ of Nadastrom’s “Save Us” was released on Discobelle Records and is enjoying support from Congorock, LA Riots, and even Nadastrom themselves. Enjoy in full 320 quality.

Nadastrom – Save Us (John Roman Nigerian Dub)


John zipped up his entire 2009 discography into two easy-to-download zip files for us to give away.

• John Roman – 2009 Discography (Part 1)
• John Roman – 2009 Discography (Part 2)



9 Responses to Nadastrom + John Roman

  1. Anonymous says:

    cant download till 12th 😐 waaak

    get a new download host.

  2. Phas says:

    its a shame if cant get my hands on this :S

  3. Kieran Craddock says:

    Please? Pweeeettttty please? :)

  4. Constance.Chan says:

    my favourite DJ out there.

  5. Daniel says:

    Bah, new host! 4shared allows 100mb files… who makes accounts these days?

  6. Tron Jeremy™ says:

    Brrrap, the discography has been re-upped.

  7. Anonymous says:

    is this only for macs?

  8. mohamadhanif says:

    good job.


  9. Geeky.Nerdy. says:

    fu-uck me. no, this is a dream. i am not currently downloading john roman's 09 discography. eff em ell. eef em ell.

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