Night of the GRUM

If you one of the lucky few hundred to come to our Twelves event at the beginning of the month, you got to witness incredibly intimate DJ set from GRUM. His new album, ‘Heartbeats,’ was just released on Ultra Records, and is receiving huge support. I have the CD in my car and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you purchase the entire thing, It’s one of those rare times you can listen to every song on the album all the way through. Such killer disco lazers to the face. Just for you dirty dancers, here are a few of my favs:
Purchase Heartbeats on BEATPORT




3 Responses to Night of the GRUM

  1. sweetFA says:

    sick record

  2. K.M.O.C. says:

    excellent release from start to finish

  3. n1cK says:

    Second track down ?!

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