$100 Beatport Giveaway

We’re giving away a $100 Beatport gift card. Try to calm down and think rationally about this. We realize how many club-ready 320 kbps big room bangers that is. This could make or break your DJ career.

Here are our terms:
You may recall a dear friend of mine, matamatics, who we catapulted to the #1 slot on HypeM with earlier this year for his surprising and delightful remix of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.” He has taken his signature “feel good synth arrangements and tastefully chopped & spliced vocals cascading tidily over a mellowed down electro beat so good it’ll get you out of bed in the morning and straight to sipping passion fruit mimosas” and applied it to Yeasayer’s “O.N.E.” for Mad Decent’s Remix Contest. The contest ends on May 14th. We need your help to get it to #1.
2. Register when it asks you to. I did. It makes your vote “1,000 times more powerful.”
3. Vote for whoever you like. 172 people have already voted for matamatics, putting it at #19. We hope your vote will go to matamatics but in the interest of fairness, feel free to vote for whoever you like. Whomever? Whatever, go vote already.
4. Forward the email confirmation you were sent when you registered to gddcontest@gmail.com. Please include your name so we know who gets that cool $100. If you don’t have a confirmation email because you’ve already registered or some other ridiculous excuse, just take a screen shot of the page that says you voted and attach that to the email.
5. Rake in the profits: if matamatics wins, we’ll randomly select one of our loyal helpers to receive the $100 beatport gift certificate, sent directly to your email. tell your friends. repost it to your blog. heart it on HypeM. post it on your mom’s facebook wall. get it to the top spot.
6. If you win, no buying anymore dutch house squealers. Seriously, we can’t be responsible for any more car alarms in the club.
Here’s the remix and a new original. Enjoy.
Thanks for the help, GDD nation,



4 Responses to $100 Beatport Giveaway

  1. stevie.e says:

    heresy! get that competition away from here! :)

    very cool remix, anon, who's this sleepyTom character? it's no matamatics but I dig the breakdown.

    ps: my word verification for this comment was "glans."

  2. matamatics says:

    this is the coolest! thanks for the post, Sneevs!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm sleepyTom

    check out my myspace


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