High Rankin Delerium remix

High Rankin and Evolve or Die, we featured last week with their recent Gramophonedzie remix. This week the two have teamed up again and dropped a heavier dubstep edit of Delerium‘s trance classic ‘Silence’. For enormous nostalgia value if nothing else, you need to hear this track:

12th Planet brought the house down with this track at Wednesday’s Scion party in LA. British dubstepper Flux Pavilion is getting a lot of hype at the moment; signed to Circus Records with Doctor P, he’s definitely one to watch out for this year.



3 Responses to High Rankin Delerium remix

  1. Tron Jeremy™ says:

    Can't listen to anything Sarach McLachlan without thinking of bummed out pound dogs.

  2. zandERSan says:

    delerium remix is pretty siiiick

  3. Dj Klepht says:

    Cant download link is a bit weird, keeps renewing itself.

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