New Chemical Brothers

The English electronic Mega Duo the Chemical brother’s is set to release a new album this year. Their new album is titled “Further” which is set to be released worldwide on June 8th of this year. Also I highly suggest you catch one of their two U.S. Shows @ the legendary Hollywood Bowl and the other at the Electric Zoo festival in New York. For now though here is a new track off their album to help hold you over.

The Chemical Brothers – Escape Velocity (160 kbps) highly recommended



5 Responses to New Chemical Brothers

  1. sweetFA says:

    so flippin sick. big ups kmoc!

  2. matt says:

    wow they've had this in the bag for awhile. they closed their DJ set at coachella with this last year and i had been wondering what it was ever since.

  3. Suupaa says:

    Any word on ticket prices for Hollywood Bowl + Chromeo tickets?

  4. K.M.O.C. says:

    Tickets went on sale last sunday @ 10 am. I am pretty sure it is already soldout by now.

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