Bassnectar’s Seek & Destroy.

Those lucky people able to catch Bassnectar‘s set at Coachella this year were witness to a YUGE Metallica remix that got the Sahara tent absolutely pumping. And now I shall bequeath it to you in 320 glory. Headbangers make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

Make sure you grab your tickets for Lightning In a Bottle to see these guys throw down at the Irvine Lake in Orange County May 28th-31st.



3 Responses to Bassnectar’s Seek & Destroy.

  1. Samantha says:

    This is the best thing I've heard in years! Can you post more to this groove?

  2. lil\' Jei says:

    oh, YES. This live would have set my ass alight

  3. sam says:

    Support Bassnectar!
    Tell as many people as you know to bookmark, so they can watch Bassnectar perform at the Mile High Music Festival live, in concert. You can watch the whole event at Cricket Wireless’ website. Try to get Bassnectar to have the most viewers/fans!

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