NU MAU5: Some Chords + Moguai

For any of you that have seen deadmau5 this year, you’ll know that he has been wanging out some new tracks that we can get excited about. His new intro track, ‘Some Chords,’ is already an anthem for twenty ten. I saw it dropped in a Miami night’s humid air at Ultra Music Festival, and Coachella-goers saw it dropped massively with Zimmerman’s new visually stunning LED cube on friday night of the desert fest. Get ready for the summer festivals with this big chuune, as well as his new [full] remix of Pendulum‘s ‘Watercolour.’
Newcomer to Zimmerman’s Mau5trap recordings – Moguai, has shown the scene that he’s rightfully earned his cheese. Scope out his new EP ‘Nyce/Blau.’
Deadmau5 is performing live Friday of the Electric Daisy Carnival!




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  1. X. says:

    another premium track from the mau5

  2. .Cracker says:

    nope he's just playing friday

  3. Thomas J says:

    what does deadmau5 "live" mean? that he has the cheesecube or that tommy lee will be there?

  4. K.M.O.C. says:

    It means he plays in the cheesecube and with the LCD mousehead just like he did @ coachella this year

  5. Thomas J says:

    awesome. i hope he brings the cube to chicago on july 2nd. sick shit

  6. okhelosir says:

    I was under the impression that "live" means an artist only plays their own material.

  7. BONES says:

    Him playing live means he is using the quipment he uses to make the songs themselves and he re-creates them, thus playing LIVE.

    As opposed to a DJ set, he's not just playing the already made track and mixing from one to another, he is performing all the different parts/stems fromt he tracks and creating his own live performance.


  8. Anonymous says:

    am i gunna be able to sport a GDD tank at EDC?!? start selling guys ive been waiting for ages!

  9. BONES says:

    anonymous if you wanna tank email and tell him what you would do in the world for one. haha thats the best way to guarantee getting a tank :)

  10. Cream says:

    It just might be…

  11. jonahberry says:

    1shopstop. upon looking at your website, and seeing that you posted the justin beiber vs. mstrkrft mashup, i forbid you to spam any more of your links in our comments.

    good bye and good luck.

  12. Musical Muffin says:

    Good Tune find more at

  13. Elliot says:

    file got removed from mediafire. pls reupload

  14. Basile Fanon says:

    Some Chords is just enormous! Great great epic track

  15. Keeping An Ear Out says:

    This is HUGE.

  16. Alex. M says:

    Some Chords Original mix 320kbps

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