Wanna be cool? Want a GDD tank top before they go on sale officially? Want free back-rubs from all the babes jockin’ your steez?
The first person to answer this question in the most radical manor will receive an Unreleased GDD tank that will dance its way straight to your doorstep. And the question is…
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Congratulations to our winner Lizzy Hoang of Coconut Creek Fl! You guys all rule and thank you for the support!



5 Responses to GDD TEE GIVE-A-WAY!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    A pig's pussy is definitely pork. Lets take a moment to think about pork. We all enjoy pork, very very much. It would have to be the best tasting meat there is. Its so juicy and tender, and the flavor is absolutely out of this world. And all these things apply to a woman's vagina as well. I love the taste of vagina. If you ask me I would have a hard time deciding between wanting to eat a nice piece of pork or my girlfriend's vagina. Don't get me wrong, I love her vagina. But, pork is simply too good.

  2. bit says:

    There are cool stuffs!!

    whoop!! 😀

  3. pHiLthy says:

    post the winning answer SCHLONGO. And the honorable mentions

  4. troy kurtz! says:

    was this a joke?

  5. s says:

    gross, dude.

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