Moombahton! ¡Ay, Tan Sucia!

I’ve been hooked on the new slower paced groove of the moombahton styles, stumbled upon and invented by Dave Nada. When asked to DJ his cousins High School ditch party, Nada decided to give a younger-appealing vibe by slowing the bpm down from 130 to 108. With tracks like ‘Moombah,’ ‘Underground Sound,’ and ‘Riverside,’ Nada said he didn’t wanna get jumped for playing techno! The product was a salsa flavor marinated into a stretched out dutch-horned bang. Get Ready to be put in a latin trance.
Fellow Dubsider DJ Neoteric and familiar A-Mac have joined in on the slow jammed experiment, creating some dirty ass tracks that sample dutch house bangerifics with hints of funk, disco, reggaeton, and so much more fun stuff. They have much more in store this year, so be on the lookout for more moombahton! BUT GUESS WHAT – all 3 of these DJs were nice enough to send me some of their finest 108 greats…great party tracks to drop during any pool party or summer fest atmosphere! BOOM! ¡ESTA LOCA!
Hear the Moombahton Story in The Fader’s Dave Nada’s Interview!



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  1. nina says:

    this is killer… so, so killer. your blog has made my life so much more rockin.

  2. cherk says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    ayyyyyyyyyyyy tan suuucciiaaaaaaaa ;D

  4. Anonymous says:

    Also check out this track, moombahton edit of Sonic C Stickin.
    Stickin' – Opulent Sound Moombahton Edit

  5. nibootoo says:

    Thanks, GOTTA DANCE DIRTY, for supporting Moombahton. You guys are true MoombaHeads!

    Moombahton hits GENERATION BASS blog!

    Moombahton exploding in Phoenix.
    DJ EPIDEMIC drops double party mix:

  6. nibootoo says:

    More Moombahton zombieS to go with KEV FRESH's "Zombies For Moombahton"

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