THE PROXY unloads 8000 Remixes on US Tour

On April 3rd of this month, PROXY landed on American soil for the first time. If you were lucky enough to witness one of the few massacres of a show on his debut US tour, or about to witness his onslaught @ Coachella this Friday, you know how special this is of an experience. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what the man himself had to say:

“New York. Atlanta. Boston. Coachella. These are the places and alternative music festivals I was taught to hate as a child. It is difficult to see them as anything other than targets, and I will treat them as such. New York. Rubble. Atlanta. Ruins. Boston. Ash. Coachella… Extinction.

I eat a cigarette. I prepare to wrestle your winds of freedom to the ground. I cannot allow you to live inside your skulls for much longer.”


Turbo Recordings (Proxy’s Record Label) was nice enough to give us the exclusive new remixes for his recent ‘8000’ EP, featuring remixes by Clouds, and GDD favorites Sticky K and John Roman! Get your dirty-dancin hands all over these and tell us which one you like best! They are all incredible for different reasons.
Proxy – 8000 (Sticky K Remix) dirty, slimey & sticky
PROXY performs Tonight @ Voyeur in San Diego, and Friday @ Coachella Music Festival – Friday @ 4pm in the Sahara Tent. (Coachella-goers = HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you attend this hour of madness.)



10 Responses to THE PROXY unloads 8000 Remixes on US Tour

  1. Patrick says:

    hands down the sticky K remix takes it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yessss ill be at both voyeur and coachella… let the mayhem begin

  3. ed says:

    John Roman remix is amazing

  4. corneilious! says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    remixes are awesome but his image is terrible. come to my performance so i can kill you? give me a break.

  6. Jdizzle says:

    John Roman remix has solid and smooth build-ups and drops, i think i'll go with this one.

  7. mr. whiskers says:

    Really digging that John Roman remix. He's really improving as a producer; this sounds really nice.

  8. Ratrabbits says:

    That Sticky K and Clouds remix are truely amazing.
    Hands down

  9. B-DIZZLE says:

    so cool to meet you there BONES, thanks for the sticker!!!

  10. XOXO says:

    'Raven' put me off Proxy for quite a while. Just started listening to him again.

    Love the Clouds remix.

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