10 Responses to Bloody Beetroots Deathcrew77 perform live

  1. stui says:

    I think they look stupid with their venom masks, overdoing the 'electro punk' facade..
    that was not appealing at all to me

  2. stevie.e says:

    who cares about the masks, anyone pushing electronic music performance beyond the DJ set is cool by me. even though soulwax did the "remix song, transcribe remix to real instruments, perform remix live" thing first, this is still top notch stuff.

  3. stui says:

    I'm talking more about their image, rather than the act – I agree that going beyond the DJ set is a positive.
    They just look so cheesy in my opinion!

  4. Anonymous says:

    you are so right, bands and djs that wear masks and / or have gimmicks that attract a crowd are totally stupid:
    daft punk
    i'll end my list here to spare your embarrassment

  5. Colinmero says:

    Well, we can all thank Belgium, and SOULWAX for all that shit. There is sooooo much influence on music that came from Belgium that few people realize. Either way, we all love Bloody Beatroots cuz they are going the Dewaele brothers route.

  6. jordan says:

    Romborama wasn't a let down.

  7. Sasa says:

    I like cheese.
    Part of the Weekend Never Dies.

  8. stui says:

    you haven't embarassed me – I'm not at all phased by any of their gimmicks. My point still stands

  9. Anonymous says:

    Saw this at Ultra Music Festival and was absolutely disappointed. They should stick to mixing live.

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