Gotta Dance Dusbtep

Happy Monday dirty dancers. Los Angeles DJ Youngsunn compiled over 35 minutes of the filthiest brostep for us into one of the cleanest mixtapes I’ve heard in a long while. Skip the black coffee and head straight to the play button below.
  Gotta Dance Dubstep by youngsunn
01. SPL and Triage – A Flame In Your Heart
02. SPL and Triage – Bushido
03. SPL – Low Girl
04. Flux Pavillion – How Rude
05. Noisa – Machine Gun (16bit Remix)
06. Skism – The Blank (16bit Remix)
07. 16 Bit – In the Death Car
08. Document One – Erectrosub VIP
09. Joker – Tron
10. 12th Planet – Reasons (Doctor P Remix)
11. Doctor P – Sweet Shop
12. Datsik and Excision – Swagga (Downlink Remix)
13. Diesel – Slippery Nipple
14. Rusko – Come Ere And Say That
15. Rusko – Do You Wanna Have a Party



7 Responses to Gotta Dance Dusbtep

  1. jonpartridge says:

    jesus christ this is dirty. some major big tunes coming from some major big players in the dubstep scene. recommended!

  2. stevie.e says:

    so good!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Patrick says:

    Right on, this mix is awesome. By the way just wanted to state that I listen to this blog every day and check religiously for updates. Keep up the good work cause I really do gotta dance dirty.

  5. Luke says:

    Sick, dude! I f*'in love this. I also posted this over here: DJ Youngsunn – Gotta Dance Dubstep (Mixtape) + Rusko – Do You Wanna Have A Party

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love it! been looking for a good dubstep set to convert some non believers! i think this will do the trick nicely!

    Esp. love mix between Sweetshop and Swagga

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