It is FINALLY here!

Sorry for the lackluster description of these tracks. I left majority of my brain cells in cabo this past weekend. But I am pretty sure these tracks speak for themselves. All I can say is Afrojack has done it again. The guy is having quite the monster year so far, and I think its gonna just keep going up from here.

Afrojack- Bangduck (Original Mix)

Also here is an older yet great track from Afrojack to keep it going:

Afrojack- Zeggie (Original Mix)




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  1. stevie.e says:


  2. DARSH says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    for the win

  4. BONES says:


  5. BONES says:


  6. pHiLthy says:

    Oh yeah hey everyone I'm kevin and I just go rage in cabo for a week, kill heaps of brain cells then come back and post the biggest track of 2010 like it's NO BIG DEAL.

    Well done sir.

  7. matt says:

    this song kills heaps of brain cells.

  8. stevie.e says:

    afrojack needs to write a new "dutch banger chorus."

    can't wait for the remixes.

  9. SugarCrash says:

    I'm still wondering why people call this one Zeggie… It's 'What?' by Afrojack.
    Anyways big ups for Afrojack! Gonna see him next week again.

  10. Deebin says:

    Heres a little Afrojack creation of my own

    The Dutchmaster himself Afrojack,
    accompanied by the legendary Daftness
    Daft Punk-Harder Better Faster Stronger VS Afrojack-Bangduck

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