Riding the Electric Wave

Its safe to say Electronic music is taking over the Land, but the water too? Hawaiian natives Bruce and Andy Irons are no strangers to dirty filthy beats and its apparent in their new epic surf film “Scratching the Surface.” Irons brothers productions along with Matt Beauchesne have teamed up with young Aussie surf sensation Julian Wilson to concoct a juicy and wet recipe for getting electronically barreled. Someone please invent some underwater headphones PRONTO!

the DVD drops globally on September 7th as well as on iTunes. To stay in the loop, be sure to visit: Quiksilver Surf
The World Premiere is Friday August 6th during the 2010 US OPEN in Huntington Beach.
And the killer chune from the Teaser..
DR. schlongO M.D.



3 Responses to Riding the Electric Wave

  1. Lynden Williams says:

    So Insane man. Excellent post. I've never seen a surf video with so much energy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    surfers know good music

  3. Dr.Schlongo says:

    oh yeah surfer videos always have great jams

    the irons bros love electro, and i went to a vitalic show with rusty long not too long ago.

    also gave kelly slater a GDD card, he was into it as well.

    be sure to check this vid out when it drops, its got a gnarly sound track!!

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