HARD 13 in videos and tunes: Boy 8-Bit, Jack Beats, Fake Blood, + Special Guests deadmau5, Steve Duda & Tommy Lee

HARD 13 was incredible. deadmau5 was the special guest, playing alongside Steve Duda and Tommy Lee. The balcony was raging harder than the floor and pretty much every person in the place was clearly “on a good one.” Here’s a couple clips I took followed by some longer clips of each artist, plus the tunes you may in fact be dying to snag after you watch said clips. Oh, dear readers, what a night…
In the clip above, Jack Beats engaged a very enthusiastic crowd with some tunage by our dear friend Sonic C.
As you can see, the balcony was the spot to be, with easy access to the upstairs stage and our most distinguished special guests.
Boy 8-Bit was the partiest motherfucker in Club Nokia. I was very pleasantly surprised by his set, which was my clear favorite of the night. And he looks exactly like Tyler Carlson √+
He closed out his set with a very pretty transition between these two:
Heaps of totally fun HARD beach balls were released from the top at the end of Jack Beat’s set. This made many people very, very happy and is always a nice touch. Adding simple little extra details like this to your party can have a big effect and is always recommended.

Fake Blood closed off the main stage with Chilly Gonzales‘ haunting piano cover of Boys Noize and Erol Alkan’s brutalizer “Waves” and his own “The Dozens” off his Fix Your Accent EP, which also comes highly recommended. Buy the proper 320 on beatport after you give it a listen.

Finally here’s a couple clips of WTF (deadmau5, Steve Duda + Tommy Lee) playing in the very cozy upstairs lounge/bar area. Seeing them play what felt like a house party set with everyone crowded around was a very cool experience and topped off a most impressive HARD event. We were able to stand right behind the mau5 and see what he’s doing on his Jazzmutant Lemur in addition to being able to check out Steve Duda’s screen, which full of all kinds of complicated geeky waveforms and wonderment. Tommy Lee just generally kept things pretty party.
All in all, a HARD well done. Nice work Gary Richards.
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5 Responses to HARD 13 in videos and tunes: Boy 8-Bit, Jack Beats, Fake Blood, + Special Guests deadmau5, Steve Duda & Tommy Lee


    Y'all! SonicC link is broken

  2. Anonymous says:

    I never want to see Joel wear that silly mau5head again. Closing party for the olympics @ Gossip he barely wore.

  3. stevie.e says:


    thanks for the prompt heads up! I had it linking to our posts for "stickin" but once I published the new one, that was the first result shown which is why it seemed broken. fixed up now though.


    the mau5head is iconic! I'm thinking maybe he only wears it for deadmau5 sets. it was nice seeing him "headless" and up close though, standing behind him it really felt like a house party. awesome.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i dont think there is a single jack beats song i know that didnt get played that night. sweet shop into UFO into their riverside mix was unreal, it timed perfectly with the peak of my heineken induced belligerence

  5. David says:

    I loved this show! I saw the same lineup in Edmonton last week.


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