THATS RIGHT LA – HARD is knockin on our city this weekend.
On Saturday, March 13th, Gary Richards and the HARD/Nitrus crew bring us HARD 13, the mini hardfest showcase of Jack Beats, Fake Blood, Boy 8-bit and Destructo (Gary Richards) himself. UH-OH.
This year, the madness will ensue downtown Los Angeles @ The Nokia Center. You better believe the GDD boys will be in attendance, with an exclusive press review of the event (THAT MEANS MEDIA COVERAGE BABY).

Listen to what your gonna be up for kids:
A humble and groovy take on fake blood’s monster track we all know and love.
Unreleased remix featured on their Radio 1 Essential Mix. Get the mix HERE!
Dancefloor anthem turned evil by Neil (plus 1) of Jack Beats.
Filthy ass track that sounds like if Boys Noize made Dubstep. Reminds me of Hard events.
New collaboration/track made by Dirt Nasty + Benji Madden + Beardo. Slap this on when you’re gettin ready to party your face off that night. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

And to get you ready for HARD 13, watch what our friend did to piss off Beni G from Jack Beats while taping their show in San Fran last summer:





12 Responses to LUCKY NUMBER HARD

  1. Kevin Doyle says:

    Got my tickets i love HARD events. Cant wait to see all the UK guy kill it

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lynch that mother fucker! He ruined the show!

  3. Philthy Rodriguez says:

    my bad…

  4. BONES says:

    wow that coulda been beni right there phil he reads our blog haha ouch

  5. Kevin says:

    fuck hard… its all about sensation white this weekend

  6. pHiLthy says:

    jack got jacked or philthy got jacked?

  7. BONES says:


    sensation white is sure to be incredible. however I dont think I can make that trip with a couple freeway transfers so were gonna stick to our LA nutshow 😀

  8. Tron Jeremy™ says:

    San Francisco got jacked of a Jack Beats performance this Friday thanks to Fail-Rod.

  9. D§†®®® says:


  10. MoreDillon says:

    I don't think that NATP – Make My Day is an actual Jack Beats remix, you should double check it.

  11. DJ Coma says:

    Agreed. This is a short edit of Make My Day. That's the only difference.

  12. Manalogue says:

    DJ Coma's right. It's a short version of the original NAPT tune.

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