GDD™ Presents CONTROL at the Avalon w/ Felix Cartal + Phillip Jung (M.A.N.D.Y.)

Hot damn I’m already looking forward to the weekend. This week the lovely people at CONTROL present a doubleheader of a night with a DJ set by Phillip Jung of M.A.N.D.Y. and a performance by GDD™ favorite Felix Cartal. Felix is making an LA stop on his latest tour to promote his new album, Popular Music which can be purchased on Beatport now. The new CD is absolutely amazing, and it is very apparent that Felix has not slowed down in his talented productions whatsoever. He’ll be cruising around the US until late April so definitely catch him at a spot near you if you can’t make it out to the Avalon this Friday.
Our good friends Pance Party will be gracing the Honey Lounge this week so get on in there to catch a mind-blowing, ear drum kicking, hipster-stomping experience. Oh ya, you know ///BONES will bring the ruckus like always as well.
Please RSVP and send names to to be on our discount ticket list for the evening. Pricing will be as follows:
21+: 10$ before 11pm 15$ after
under 21: 10$ before 11pm 15$ after
*Sorry for the price mix-up here guys. 5$ cheaper now on our list.
21+ enters through the left side Honey Lounge entrance and the youngsters cruise through the main central entrance.
Here are some low quality tracks fresh off of Felix’s new album, so when you decide you love them in 5 minutes, buy his CD won’t ya? And yes, these are all √+ worthy.
How about a nice little killer from the LA duo Cold Blank? yurrrrppppp!



6 Responses to GDD™ Presents CONTROL at the Avalon w/ Felix Cartal + Phillip Jung (M.A.N.D.Y.)

  1. Joseph says:

    m.a.n.d.y's a dude?!

    *mind blown*

  2. pHiLthy says:!/event.php?eid=393526713227

    Free on her list before 11 but $15 on gdd's?

  3. B DIGITAL says:

    GDD tryna make scrilla of everyone….soooo busteddd haha

  4. Anonymous says:

    granny becomes dj! funny stuff. i wonder what she sounds like.

  5. BONES says:

    raerae's list has to wait in the swarm of the masses that is the main entrance, we have our own door and coolness patio :)

  6. jonahberry says:

    im figuring out the pricing now errbody. i just assumed it was the same pricing as the past few weeks but I'll change it when I know.


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