Like Creamy Butter

The last few days for me have been filled with enough up and downs to make a schoolboy squeal on a roller-coaster. The soundtrack to these past few days has been chocked full of fuzzy, warm-feeling, chill jams. Thought i’d share a few of them with you because we can’t listen to pounding pounding techno all the time.
Kamp! fucking rules. These guys are from Poland and despite the freezing temp over there, they have created feel good jams guaranteed to make you feel loved up, warm, and fuzzy.
Just discovered these guys over at TechnoColorKids. My kinda jam. Synthy with a hint of Rock influence.
Normally Daft Punk and Radiohead are taboo for remixing. However, once in a while something spectacular comes along. This is that miracle.
Breakbot puts the funk in otherwise dreamy air.
These guys just seem to be cranking out tunes, and the remixes are following suit. This one is tasty and funky, get into it.



11 Responses to Like Creamy Butter

  1. aRod says:

    diggin' this post. i am now a Kamp! fan.


  2. PHILTHY says:

    I'ma tell Kamp! to check out GDD too, they'll be so stoked.

  3. Anonymous says:

    breakbot is too good for words

  4. BONES says:

    duck butter goodness melz deep

  5. DefconH8 says:

    yo is that nigga made out of chewing gum?

  6. Dr.Schlongo says:

    hahah yup, all chewing gum

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey Trevor. Is there any way you can post the track list or make available the set you played at Danceism on 2.27.10. The intro was so dirty! The whole set was ridiculous. Thanks man

  8. Dr.Schlongo says:

    anonynous shoot him an email at

    it would be hard to get an exact set list because he was pulling from a playlist and each song wasn't "pre-determined"

    im sure he can give u a list of most of the songs he played

  9. Karen @ Remergence says:

    Loving the Air track 😉

  10. Anonymous says:

    BREAKBOT is tooo amazing…

  11. matt says:

    i seen the tracklist i swear i seen it!

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