Whats In Your Stereo?

Well another successful weekend in the books and still have not even quite recovered as per usual. Heres a few songs to help you start your week off ( albeit even if its a day late).

Fukkk Offf- Utopia (Original Mix)
*New track off his newest E.P. Remix is king. Different sound from one of my favorite producers, has a Nu-Disco vibe and less heavy synth.
Cold Blank- Dutchie (Calvertron Remix)
* Electro remix off Cold Blank’s newest E.P. I highly recommend it to fanatic electro kids.
R.E.M- Losing My Religion (Tony Pryde Remix)
*Very Orginal Remix of this R.E.M. Classic.
Owl City- Fireflies (Mightyfools Remix)
* Heavy electro remix from these talented Producers
2ManyDj’s- Get Your Yo Yo’s Out! Mixtape
* A post to celebrate the fact that I just found out they are playing a live set at this years coachella (not just a dj set)




6 Responses to Whats In Your Stereo?

  1. sweetFA says:


  2. lovebroadcast says:

    First I was like: "Alright, I'll just download the Mightyfools remix". Then I read the little thing about "Dutchie" and went for that one too. Then the 2ManyDJ's mix. Finally I said "fuck it" and went for the whole package.
    My point being: why are you not selling cars? You could be making a fortune! 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mightyfools Aussie? lol

  4. Turtle Tosser says:

    Mightyfools are dutchies actually

  5. BONES says:

    dutch fa sho – there killing it right now (afrojack, mightyfools, chuckie, sidney samson,etc.)

  6. Anonymous says:

    same yoyos mix from your technocolor post? or newnew?

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