HEHROOOOOO DIRTY DANCERS! The San Fran savages known as Pance Party have just dropped their new EP this week, ‘KIM JONG THRILL’ on Miles Dyson’s Plasmapool label – a huge release for the boys and they kick off the EP with a west coast tour all the way to the

SXSW Festival in Austin,TX and back. We have the exclusive EP teaser here for ya, and here’s what the Pance’ had to say:
“We’re pretty riled up as today marks the release of our original 4 track EP “Kim Jong Thrill” on Miles Dyson’s label, Plasmapool. We want to recognize that our recent successes are greatly due to your continued support and awesome blog posts.”

As for Upcoming Pance Party endeavors:

–Expect a remix EP for “Maru” including edits by DZ, Valerna, and Sticky K.

–Let us know if you’ll be at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX as we’ll be playing the Giga Crate party March 17 with Bird Peterson and Sammy Bananas.

Here’s a bit of support we’ve picked up for Kim Jong Thrill:

“Full support from StereoHeroes! Their sounds been banging our sets for a while.”

– Stereoheroes

“Awesome as usual…absolutely love Kim Jong! We’re the Pance Party biggest fan! :)

– Blatta & Inesha

“Maru is cooooool!”

– Felix Cartal

“Yesyesyesyesyes! these guys fuckin rock. period. SF WHUT.”

– DZ

“Quality EP from my San Francisco homies! Maru is my personal fav, so good I had to get them to let me remix it!!”

-Sticky K

“Pance Party is one of my favorite new groups and this EP turned my computer into a nude dance party.”

– D.A. Wallach of Chester French

“The Kim Jong Thrill EP’s got my full support!”

– Miles Dyson


Highly recommended that you wear a belt when listening to these jams cuz your pants are gonna be fighting to come off. I’m sthuper serial.





  1. Jackson says:

    i went to beatport to DL the songs with the team america samples. but i couldnt hear which ones had em. anybody know which are the ones im lookin for? Thanks!

  2. Phil says:

    the kim jong ill/team america samples were just part of the PE teaser and aren't in the actual final tracks. sorry!

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