Its almost that time of the year again..

It is almost summer again (well sort of) and that crazy little island named Ibiza off the coast of Spain is almost about to come alive again ( Opening parties are in May).One of our favorite Dutch producers Afrojack just couldnt wait that long and released his newest track aptly named ‘Pacha on Acid’, after Ibiza’s oldest club. It is definitely one of those tracks that was crafted to keep the dancefloor going into the early morning. I suspect it will be tearing up dancefloors all over the world this summer.

Afrojack- Pacha On Acid (Original Mix) 320 kbps

Sit back and Enjoy and remember its still the night before if you havent slept, regardless of what the clock says



2 Responses to Its almost that time of the year again..

  1. Daniel says:

    This is just like Teasing Mr. Charlie by steve angello haha! Fucking afrojack…Can't believe Angello would put this on his label. Good track still though.

  2. Vacay Wave says:

    super repetitive, but equally addicting

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