Berndsen + Butterfly Bones: Synth Shine

In my eternal search for the perfect synth sound, a few artists have recently caught my attention. First off is Icelandic band Berndsen. Berndsen write beautiful, icy pop songs reminiscent of OMD & Pet Shop Boys. Here are a few tracks from their brilliant album Lover in the Dark, along w/the video for the title track:

Berndsen – Lover in the Dark
Berndsen – In Sight

Also picked up on the synth radar (thanks DISCODUST) was San Francisco band Butterfly Bones [SF & SD tour dates on their Myspace]. They could very easily be called Cut Copy + Paste after countless comparisons to Cut Copy. But that’s not such a bad thing, right?

Butterfly Bones – ♥
Butterfly Bones – UR Hott




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  1. B DIGITAL says:

    sexy sexy pic!!

  2. Philthy says:

    Greeeat post

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