Heavy Bass Champions of the World

Heavy Bass Champions of the World Vol. I
is the Trouble & Bass crew’s first release of 2010 and it also marks the beginning of a new series of releases from T&B that are strictly made for the dancefloor. The first volume features Drop the Lime’s newest release titled Doomsday Device. Doomsday Device is described as ” a post apocalyptic death rave dance floor destroyer.” I can definitely see this song destroying a dancefloor nearest you in the close future. Check it out:

Drop The Lime- Doomsday Device (192 kb)

If you like what you hear. Grab the 320 here

Bonus: Some Dutch Electro-House to get you through the Morning [Both Highly Recommended]

Don Diablo & Sidney Samson- Rise Up *******
Rolvario– Porno (Original Mix) myspace




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit rise up is rude…all the way from brisbane australia big ups

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