New Kid on Ze’ Block

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Let me introduce myself all you Dirty Dancers out there. My name is Kevin and I am the newest addition to the GDD crew. I am real excited to now be a part of the GDD revolution. I look forward to bringing you kids the freshest new sounds out there while keeping up the quality of music GottaDanceDirty has always been known for.

Well enough of me talking, I will keep my opinion out of this post and just let the beats do the talking:

Etienne De Crecy – Welcome (Pablo Decoder Remix)
Wolfgang Gartner – Undertaker (Original Mix)
Huoratron – Gbay (Original Mix)
Gooseflesh – Dodgems (Cyberpunks Remix)
Timbaland feat. Soshy & Nelly Furtado – Mornin’ After Dark (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
Don Diablo & Sidney Samson – Monster (Original Mix)
The Loops of Fury – Soap (Hatiras Remix)

Lots of songs in one post, but had to come out with my guns blazing

Enjoy Kids.




10 Responses to New Kid on Ze’ Block

  1. jonahberry says:

    yaaaaa buddy! welcome to the dirty.

  2. BONES says:

    holy shnikeys some banger competition :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    you like the word kids don't you.

  4. troy kurtz! says:

    voontz voontz!

  5. Clark says:

    no checks or check plusses? i need guidance here!

  6. Anonymous says:

    did i really just hear dj tags on the morning after dark remix? cmon…

  7. Derek says:

    Wolfgang Gartner is sick but I like the Mr. Gaspar & Oliver Portamento remix of Morning After Dark better

  8. dafrisch says:

    wow! i love the Timbaland Remix!

  9. Evan Harris says:

    hey what are dj tags? Is that like that "You chillin with the RCC, real crystal crew" vocal? I heard that same thing in a remix of shots. Whats the deal with that?

    Sick remix though I cant wait to work it into my set

  10. Phil says:

    That gooseflesh remix is sickkkkk!! Cheers mate

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