ecl3ctic & el3ctric

Over here at GDD, our gardens are very lush and flourish with only the dankest and freshest buds for our ears to savor. Today i have decided to take a walk in that garden and pick some eclectic jams to sweeten your day. I also decided to pick out some eye candy from our very own and extremely talented web designer Falco™. Some say he is 2nd coming of jesus christ, while others say they have seen lazers shoot out of his eyes. However, do not fear my children, for tonight i have prepared something berry berry especial for you all. Now lets get down to ze Nitty-Gritty.

First, we have some Funky-fresh from none other than Breakbot. This is the new hotness and is saturated with emotion and groovy synth.

He’s from Chile, his beats are spicy yet flowing, and just recently signed with tuff em up an Australian label. This is Barretso, and remember that name, good things are coming.
Millionyoung is awesome. Dreamy, synthy, beautiful. Special thanks over to our buddies over at Binary for these cheery chillwave™ teenage pregnancy jams.
Some sweet nectar to dapple in and always rely on Mika to touch so delicately on sexuality.
Grungy Grimey Grum yet very Groovy. Thought this would go well with tron.Jeremy’s ealier post here
Fyfe Dangerfield (awesome name by the way) and monarchy have managed to throw together an 8 minute gem full of feel-good vibes and so many layered moods, i wasn’t sure if i wanted to kiss the next person i saw or go for a cross country uni-cycle ride. Listen, make love, rinse and repeat.
Last and Certainly not least is a remix of a song I’m sure you’ve all heard several times. But what makes this remix special enough to post is the vibe Midnight Conspiracy creates. Imagine if Russ chimes and Danger got it on with a splash of the midnight juggernauts…Yeah its kinda like that. another DIMENSION another DIMENSION!
I hope you have all enjoyed the walk through our eclectic and electric gardens! If you like any of the artwork or photography you see contact FALCO™ and tell him we sent you!
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Oh, and a little teaser of our upcoming clothing line…and if you HAVE to ask; Yes, it is Rave-Resistant.
Dr. Schlongo M.D.



5 Responses to ecl3ctic & el3ctric

  1. Zayler says:

    I am buying one of those shirts, haha. When you think they'll be available?

  2. Barretso says:

    beautiful blog

  3. Anonymous says:

    you guys really hooked it up

  4. Dr.Schlongo says:

    barretso you rule man, were huge fans! keep it up.

    do you have an email i can contact you at?

  5. Me says:

    I want that shirt! Don't make it too expensive! Shipping already costs a fuckton.

    Here is busy P (selling Tees for 75$/each + shipping)
    | |
    | O
    | /|\
    | /\
    Don't be like busy P.

    (: Cheers. Awesome blog.

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