GDD™ Presents The House Party at the Avalon w/ Zodiac Cartel + Will Bailey + Circuit Freq!

Sorry for the late post this week guys! We are having an unbelievable night tomorrow night with the amazing master of warehouse sound Zodiac Cartel, along with one half of new electro duo Bass Weazal, Will Bailey. Circuit Freq and Mr. White will both also be doing sets in the big room as to promote the new track “The Filth” which was remixed by all acts that will be in the Avalon tomorrow night. Check out all of the new remixes on Beatport. I have posted the Mr. White remix in this post if you want to check that one out for free :)

Tomorrow night all you dirty dancers that are over 21 will be entering through the Honey Lounge entrance which is the left side entrance if you are staring at the front of the Avalon. All you youngin’s still enter through the main entrance and there will be a GDD™ list there for you as well. We will not be doing The House Party room but rather we will be teaming up with our good friends at BBE and Everyday in the Legit Lounge to give you the best music experience possible. Bring your danceypants!
Please send RSVPs to so you can be on our discount ticket list for the evening.
I love you.
Sorry I had to make this post in haste earlier. Here’s a new track by ZC that he is releasing on his website for free. What a guy!



4 Responses to GDD™ Presents The House Party at the Avalon w/ Zodiac Cartel + Will Bailey + Circuit Freq!

  1. Anonymous says:

    buncha zodiac tracks being released right now…where are they???

  2. jonahberry says:

    sorrrryyy mate i had to run quick this afternoon when i made the post, but i put up a good techy remix up for you. let me know if you like it.

  3. B DIGITAL says:

    damm son. beat me to puttin that zodiac track up..lemme know if you got that vudu track…its hot as helllll

  4. Iam says:

    Been following this blog for a while now. Gotta always Dance Dirty! :)

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