California VonStroke: Bird Brain

California – STAND UP. Claude VonStroke holds it down for you. His new album Bird Brain is harmonic piece of work, blending what sounds like if minimal, house, hip hop, tribal (and a bit of jazz) were trapped in his San Francisco studio. The entire album is filled with melodic and hypnotizing tracks, These are some of my favorites because they really sound like if the golden state or the bay area specifically could voice their beat. Coming off the Limited-Album release, they are in extended DJ versions. Enjoy.

Claude VonStroke – Bay Area (DJ Version)

¡BONUS! My personal favorite track of the album:



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  1. B DIGITAL says:

    if they could…
    hahah. sad

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love this album and the wide palette of sounds he draws on. Hypnotizing is spot on, some of the tracks just took me off the planet!

    Sounds From Dancefloors Across The Globe…

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