Mashup of the Decade

pic: Anthony Verrilli

As we approach the new year, Gotta Dance Dirty™ is proud to announce the winner of the prestigious Mashup of the Decade award…
While others tossed out-of-key acapellas over “Ghosts N Stuff”*, HMDIV painstakingly blended not two, not three, but ten(?) of the hottest tracks from this decade. Budding deejays looking to get your name out there, take notes!

Feist vs. Daft Punk vs. Justice vs. MGMT vs. Animal Collective vs. MIA vs. Santigold vs. Crystal Castles – 1234 We Are Your Harder Better Faster Stronger D.A.N.C.E.I.N.G. Kids (Girls) Taking Your Money on a Crimewave (HMDIV “Crookers WOW This Rules” Remix)

Special thanks to Hot Biscuits for premiering this gem.
*Stop it.



29 Responses to Mashup of the Decade

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but that song sounds like complete sh!t. Please use a beat locking program next time it was horribly off.

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow! this fucking sux! GDD is gay for thinking this is good…

  3. Anonymous says:

    You guys, it was a fucking joke.

  4. B DIGITAL says:

    guys, if ur gunna talk shit, at least have a sign name… i think blogger should get rid of anonymous commens

  5. troy kurtz! says:

    in 2k10 there will be a sarcasm font.
    to the entry level anon bros, your am appy scarf is on too tight. chillax.

  6. Mr pink says:

    did you read the post?
    and its actually the best mash up ive heard in a long time…….

  7. KAFKAVODKA says:

    wow, some people on here take themselves way too seriously.

  8. Disk O says:

    Aren't jokes supposed to be funny.

    It's an intentional bad mashup.. Posted on a good blog..

    If it is a joke, it's a bad one.

  9. Sasa says:

    thats that bad thing about this joke – hate it or love it, there's no in-between.
    actually i'm just here posting a comment because my first thought when hearing that track was "and everybody told ME my beatmatching is flawed" xD

    kudos for that 😉 keep up the (otherwise) good work…

  10. harry Lewis says:

    hahaha this is fucking halarious!!! love it :)

  11. stevie.e says:

    mom: "what are you smiling at kiddo!"
    me: "MY BLOG."

    the funny part of me wants to laugh but the DJ part of me dies a little more every time I listen to it.

    haha let's get it to NUMBER 1 BABY.

    who hearts this shit?!

    ps: troy killing it with the entry level anon bros call out.

  12. hotbiscuits says:


  13. mason says:

    Thanks for the honors. Perfect birthday present.

    just reminding everyone that I made this track as a joke and that I am indeed not a DJ. notice that the link takes you to photos, not a myspace full of hot mashupz.

    Happy New Years Yall.

    p.s. all you would be producers better step it up in the coming decade.

  14. wat says:

    Trying to figure this out. My mind is full of fxck right now.

  15. BONES says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha brilliant

  16. Joseph says:

    this is funnie

  17. Anonymous says:

    well…i liked it. :)

  18. Anonymous says:

    a binary file? wtf…

  19. aRod says:

    "Mason Dent's been producing for 6 minutes"…ha, GOLD.

    this track contains just the right amount of gunshots.

  20. THE WORST BEATLE says:

    the "off-key acapella over Ghosts n' Stuff" comment is so true.

  21. matt says:

    i thought you were for real … everyone knows cam LOVES mashups.

  22. Vandal says:

    BANGER! can't wait to drop this shit at my next gig. you always come through<3

  23. tijs says:

    i think a mashup still has to be a bit beatmixed, this just sounds as white noise with some acapellas on it to me, maybe never listened to a guy called girl talk, or maybe soulwax?

  24. David Forrester says:

    I remember in Junior High band all us Special K's would get together and mash up all the song titles that we played that year into a really (not) funny sentence. But hey, what did we know, we were infantile.

    Just the idea of this song is like that except taken to the power of idiot times f**ing retarded.

    That the song totally blows goes without saying. What grade-schooler made this crap, and worse yet, what waste of skin would post it to their blog and get it plastered on hypem?

    You can suck it.

  25. stevie.e says:

    how are so many people not getting that this is a joke?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Even if it is a joke it hurts the ears too much. i hate it, it killed my brain.

  27. stevie.e says:

    I'd be surprised to learn that anyone had actually listened to the entire thing.

    I just am in disbelief that some people thought that we actually thought it was good.

    Unless, of course, the anon bros were kidding too, in which case I lol them.

  28. Gooffee says:

    howd the youtube commenters get on gdd??

  29. Anonymous says:

    Nothing is beat matching together… maybe worst mash up ever?!

    Maybe I won't be out of business just yet!

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