Nobody Gets Out Alive.

Hey dirty dancers. This just popped into my inbox about an hour ago and I wanted to share it with you. The man with the phenomenal hair, known to you as Le Castle Vania, has just co-released his new track ‘Nobody Gets Out Alive’ on So Sweet Records and Always Never. A pretty hard track that I believe will be up most of your alleys (that kind of sounds dirty). So put on the headphones and get your blood pumpin’ it’s cooold outside!

Buy it on Beatport and iTunes!
An excellent new remix by Birmingham dubstep producer Emalkay. You just can’t go wrong remixing Faithless. You just can’t.



4 Responses to Nobody Gets Out Alive.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Back to the future 2007?? :s

  2. Phil LaPier says:

    Very very dirty track… and it's phucking phenomenal. Thanks!

  3. Rage says:

    Nobody Gets Out Alive! was insane.

  4. kraftehhh says:

    such a sick track.

    completely forgot about these guys.

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