I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t always a little electronic music connoisseur. I preferred screaming, distortion, and double bass drum anthems. If you’re anything like me, or just have an affinity for really raw/dirty/vile noise, then I offer you Tek-One. Obviously, hailing from grime capital of the world Lon-don, these two dudes give huge a new meaning. If the name Bring Me The Horizon doesn’t ring a bell for you, you might want to hit up ‘command+w’, because this definitely isn’t some cheesy hipster shit. I hope to see moshpits in the clurb 2k10. I think they just bred a new genre: ‘screamostep’.

Bring Me The Horizon – Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One Remix)
Tek-One – Hate you



12 Responses to TEK-ONE = SO MEGA

  1. Chandler F. says:

    Oh wow, this takes me back.

    "Screaming, distortion, and double bass drum anthems" couldn't describe by pre-electronic music passions any better.

    Long live all genres of heavy!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Will says:

    I've been avidly reading this blog for about 6 months, and yet you have just gained so much respect in my eyes. good shit. electro in my sets, br00tality in my ipod. maybe the two can finally come together in some sort of beautifully horrid harmony.

  4. Ammar says:

    bring me the horizon are the biggest douchebag scenesters.

  5. Anonymous says:

    these guys made our best of 09 list…http://www.therinseout.com/

    respect for posting these guys..

  6. Cam Francisco™ says:


  7. Bastille says:

    Their track Broken String is definitely one of my favorite dubstep track, craziest bass.

  8. Tyler says:

    BMTH is so old school. I remember being a freshman and finding them on myspace. I always thought I'd never get to see them because they weren't gaining any popularity. I stopped following them and now they're on one of the blogs I follow. Crazy stuff.

  9. taylor says:

    finally good to see tek-one getting the exposure they deserve. Mad respect to GDD!

  10. troy kurtz! says:

    cheers for all the positive comments!

  11. Matthew says:

    i saw one hell of a pit in a club this past year. Villains played a set here in Atlanta and closed with a remix of Rage Against The Machine. admittedly, this is on a whole nother level.

  12. jonahberry says:

    hahaha just saw the screamostep tag. nice one.

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