Lets get CLANK! CLANK! – Friday I saw Dada Life open for Tiesto at the Shrine Auditorium. Weird I know, but It turned to be an incredible 1-2 punch. Tiesto of course packed the Shrine with clashing mix of Kung-Fu ravers and Ed Hardy clad hollywood scum. But nevertheless, The Dada got the place goin bonkers by 10pm, and Tiesto put on visually stunning life performance per usual. Dada dropped two new remixes by their own Phatzoo. One-Half of Dada Life, Phatzoo adds the dirty synth/horn/washing machine sounding riffs we all find associated with the Beetroots and/or Crookers.
Here’s their newest newby remix, it blew the rhinestones off the hollywood dirtbags hats.

Moonbotica – The Ease (Dada Life Remix)




5 Responses to DO THE PHATZOO

  1. jonahberry says:

    i almost bought you a sweet EH lighter at the gas station the other day trev. steeeez.

  2. troy! says:

    air freshener is so dope. i have three in my car currently, so im smellin douchey all day AND night

  3. matt says:

    Saw a video of What tiesto did with In the dark. Shit looked insane. Still confused by the dada life opener tho but who could ever complain about that.

  4. Daniel says:

    Dada life is amazing! I saw them at control earlier in the year. Listen to louder than a boom and bend it like you don't care by tiesto and you'll hear that they helped with the album.

  5. Anonymous says:

    really not that strange of a choice for the opener- tiesto's a big fan of the group and named 'em as his most underrated artists of the year.

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