¡ten cuidado!

These two tracks that I am about to bestow to you should seriously come with a disclaimer for hearing loss and/or brain damage. They are very highly intense and inundated with sounds that most people would run scared from. Well, I know there are some crazy kids out there like me that actually love this stuff, so to those who are about to enjoy these, I salute you.

This first track was given to me by our good friend Tre. It comes from the producer known as 16bit who turns a very chilling sample into a punch-in-the-face dubstep track. Careful with this one.
This next one I stumbled on completely by accident, but I immediately fell in love with it. Borgore is a dub and DnB producer from Tel Aviv, Israel, and he makes some serious, hardcore tunes. He’ll be touring all over the UK, Belgium, and Netherlands in the month of December so definitely check him out if you’re out that way around the holidays. Make sure you’re very relaxed for the first 52 seconds of this song.

Again, GDD™ is not responsible for any physical or emotional damage generated by these songs. Bahahaha.



3 Responses to ¡ten cuidado!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Chainsaw track is a bit boring. Meh on that one. BUT holy shit.. the Borgore track is INSANE.

  2. matt says:

    mother of god borgore makes the proxy sound like hannah montana.

  3. jonahberry says:

    just can't stop listening to borgore. check his myspace this guy is relentless.


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